To the Max-metting the king-

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I haven't written with this one in a while... sorta have a habit of writing more than one story at the same time...

anyway I already started this chapter but my computer crapped out beforei could save it.... =( but turned out i was smart for once and saved it somewhere else on my computer...

I suggest to any write, new and old, save everything somewhere else too!!! I once lost 30 pages on a novel i was working on... So save save save!!!!


King's Chambers

The room smelled musty, and old. What had been living in this room? I thought looking around. The room was dimly lit, a single candle was flickering in the corner, sending shadows jumping from around the room. In the center of the room a huge king sized bed stood at the edge of the candle light. The blankets looked ruffled, but at least they were clean.

Shaking I stepped forward, to afraid to call out. I gripped the coat around me like it would protect me from the shadows. Letting out a shaky sigh I stepped up to the side of the bed closing my eyes. I opened my eyes, waiting to see some skeleton looking man, you know sunken eyes, pasty sking, bony hands? I thought that the light from the candle wasn't bright enough for me to see him. Shakily i picked the candle up from the corner and brought it over to light the bed.

Makus's POV

She disappeared into the shadow of the kings room... Her father...

If he faded completely than the only one who would know the truth would be Aleksander and I. But she needed him to live, even though that small bit of my heart still wished she would know I was her father. But it didn't matter; she would accept anyone as a parent if she really wanted.

Groaning I leaned against the door frame and waited. The door had clicked shut behind her, after shaking my head I decided to try to hear what she would say. The room was silent at first; I could hear her soft steps as she slipped across the room. I could make out the rapid beating of her heart; I chuckled at what she would think of the king when she saw him. Everyone thought that he looked weak and shriveled like a skeleton; nobody took me seriously when I said that the king was fading. Just as I was pulling away from listening into the room, Max's shout smacked the wall, her body shortly after through the door.

"Is this some kind of joke?" she snapped at me. I frowned as I examined the dead candle in her hand and looked into the black room.

"Wasn't he...?" I trailed off pointing. She shook her head glaring at me. I swear I could feel the daggers as she stared. Muttering I stepped into the room, lit the torches with a wave of my hand and saw what she saw.

Or lacked in seeing.

The bed, though ruffled and slept on, was empty. Muttering again I took a closer look, seeing if the king had faded more since I left. But the bed was really empty, it seemed like no one had been in this room for a while. "Oh no!" I whispered spinning on my heels and running out the door. "Why the hell did they move him!?" I shouted taking Max's hand and racing down the hall. They knew better! I cursed myself for leaving him alone for so long, I should have known Fregenled could convince everybody to move him. Everyone but me.

"When we find your father," I turned to shout at Max. "Don't listen to your Uncle. He's a backstabbing leech after your father's kingdom since the day Aleksander was born!" I couldn't believe he would put his own brother in danger just for the throne!

"I have an Uncle?" Came Max's answer. I laughed cynically.

"If I was your father," those words stung. "I would have banished him a long time ago. Your father is too caring for his own good." She laughed, making some connection that I didn't, and kept a good pace with me until we reached the front hall of the palace.

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