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Art Of Metal Magic

So I didn't just lock my door as a safety precaution. No on really knew how i worked metal, and i wasn't about to tell anyone. At the moment i was building a gleaming silver tree, it stood about thirty feet hight, with reaching branches and golden leaves on it. Yeah i know what your thinking, why only six grand right? well thing is when i took the job i wasn't thinking it was going too look this good. i just figure yeah i can make a tree no probs. but because of the detail i had to make it giant, and couldn't believe that i was only making six grand.

So any way i lifted a piece of thick rusted metal and ran my fingers along the sides smothing them out. then i brushed the rust of so i glimmered again. yes i said brushed like you would dust of a TV screen or dirt of your pants. I found out a few years ago i could manipulate metal with my hands, so i used it to steal cars and stuff, later found out i could use it to make clean money. Besides when i did something good like this it made me feel better, working with the metal always seemed like an escape for me, and i felt almost at home. Today i didn't, i felt eyes watching me, and i couldn't get the feeling to go away. Sighing i put the metal down and walked into the kitchen, i couldn't work when i felt watched.

It had been like that for the last few months, every time i looked around i couldn't see anyone, my shop would be empty, and the widnows were so tinted dark you couldn't see in even if you pressd your face against the glass.


Makus walked away from the screaming boy, he knew the threats were aimed at him, but he didn't care. That child had done something to his child, and he was going to find out what.

It was ture that him and the Queen had shared something, it had been a one night stand to prove to the king that she wasn't cheating on him. Makus had cleverly put a spell on himself and went to her chambers looking like the king. He had confronted her about it, she denied it completely, and before he could stop her, she was upon him proving her love. Makus felt horrible what he had done, he knew he should have walked away, but he loved her as much as the king did and found that he just wanted to stay with even if she though he was her husband.

Well about half way through the night the spell wore off, and Makus attempted to sneak away, but the young prince (10 at the time) saw him, and asumed that his mother was nothing but a whore.

Makus told the king what had happened, and the king asked if anybody saw Makus leave. Makus had been sure no one saw, so they hid their knowledge from everyone. As it turned out a few months later the queen announced that she was pregnant, and that she knew she was having a girl. Makus cursed himself, the king shuddered to think what kinds of powers this child might have, and the prince wollowed in hatred knowing the child wasn't even fully related to him.

Makus shook his head at the memories it had been about 15 years since his daughter went missing, and with her mother dead she had no ties to the weak king. But because everyone assumed that she was the kings daughter there was nothing he could do. So for the last few months he had been watching Max. When he first saw her he assumed that she was mearly a powerful mage, nothing else. But then he noticed the way her lip turned up into her cheek, like her mothers, or the way she would twirl her hair around her fingers. The more he looked the more he was sure she looked like her mother. Curious he kept close watch.

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