To the Max-forgotten forest-

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<P>I had no intention of letting the rapist (Makus) make camp in that forest. Other than being scared out of my mind and not being able to stop my shivering, I did not look forward to sleeping there. </P>

<P>"Why do I even have to go back?" I asked exhausted. Makus looked at me sorrowfully, I wasn't sure if i should trust him again. The things Alek had said disturbed me and even my memories scared me. Makus didn't seem like that kind of person, I mean sure forcing me to leave home was one thing, but killing my mother and blaming the person who might be my brother. Why? </P>

<P>Makus lit a fire using nothing but a snap of his fingers. I was shivering so bad that my teeth chattered, so when the fire was going i sat down beside it and tried to warm my numb fingers. "My magic won't work for long so we will have to get moving again." </P>

<P>"Through the dark?" I asked, almost panicking. I wasn't afraid of the dark, i was afraid of getting lost. Makus smirked at me obviously sensing my fear.</P>

<P>"Don't worry, there's nothing in this wood that could harm you." He said smiling. "Besides you've got me here to protect you." He sat beside me.</P>

<P>"And that makes me feel soooo much better." I said sarcastically. Makus laughed but remained silent. "Rapist..." i mumbled under my breath. He raised his brow at me but was still quiet.</P>

<P>"Honestly." He sighed standing up. "Raping you would be wrong in so many ways," Makus said looking away. I could see the back of his neck turn red, like he was pissed about something. "Besides," he said turning, his face done blushing. "There would be no satisfaction taking advantage of a girl younger and weaker than me." He turned away. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or take him seriously.</P>

<P>"Of course." I said. Nodding we sat around the fire in silence until it completely died away. I could see Makus trying hard to keep it going, but he seemed like he was exhausted. "Well I'm warm, as long as we don't get lost lets go." I said, looking releaved he let the fire die. "By the way..." I started, gripping the sleeve of his black sweater. "How do we not get lost if we can't see?" I asked, Makus chuckled and reached down his side. Looking down I watched as he pulled one of the chains out of his pocket and the end morphed in to a black flashlight. </P>

<P>"This is how," he said scanning the light over the trees and started walking. Nodding I kept my pace up as I clutched his jacket closer to me. I cursed myself for acting like an idiot. Walking around a forest with a possibly crazy psycopath, no I should have been at home enjoying my last piece of my pizza and paying my bills. I had never missed a payment, I didn't need to, I had a steady job at a construction sight and selling all of my artwork. Yeah I almost had it made, except for the cell phone, ipod and family part. "We'll be there soon, just a little further." He said scanning the flashlight over the trees gritting his teeth. I just realized that it was      -20 and i had his jacket. </P>

<P>"Here," I said taking the jacket off and giving it to him. He laughed and shoved it back.</P>

<P>"You need it more than me. You may have magic but your untrained with it and can't warm yourself." I nodded, he was right, but his magic was spent, he used too much to warm me up he couldn't warm himself up.</P>

<P>"I'm only being nice this once because I'm tired so take it. I can last for about ten minutes and I won't put it back on, so then we will both be cold." I handed it out to him. "Besides if one of us collapses I'd rather it be me." I saw that that got his attention. "So that you can carry me, I don't want to lug you around the forest not knowing where i'm going." Sighing he took the jacket.</P>

<P>"I hate the fact that your so much like your mother." He smiled in the jacket feeling the warmth. I nodded and grabbed his arm, at least i could stay a little warm. He smiled and put the jacket around my shoulders so we were both inside. "If you get tired, tell me and I'll start carrying you." </P>

<P>"I'll do that." I said smiling. "So tell me about my family." I said leaning into his side.</P>

<P>Sighing he looked down at me, his body going a little rugged. "Your father is a king." he stated, I nodded my head barely listening. "His kingdom started falling apart after your dissepearence. I've been searching for you for the last 15 years." He said, I was walking with my eyes closed. This day had been too long and stressful and I was asleep on my feet. </P>

<P>I didn't even notice that he had lifted me up on his shoulders and put the jacket around the both of us. "Next time you kidnap someone..." i mumbled in his ear. "Tell them to bring a jacket." I heard him chuckle and dozed off.</P>

<P>Makus's POV</P>

<P>I carried her piggy-back style through most of the trees. She was deffinatly bigger than when I did it years ago. She mumbled in my ear about bringing a jacket next time i kidnapped someone. I had to laugh, she was too exhausted to even come up with a good taunt. </P>

<P>She was right though, I knew perfectly well how long this trip would take. I had hoped the king would have come to his senses when I told him I was going to earth to look for the princess. He shook his head and mumbled again about her being gone. It was hard to watch to be honest, the king knew very well the Max was not his daughter, that she was mine but he still loved her. A tiny piece of my heart wished that the king would refuse to believe that Max was alive, so that I could raise Max. I was her father after all.</P>

<P>I new the instant I saw the queen the next day that she was pregnant, and that she carried his child. It was that day too that Prince Aleksander started hating me. But it wasn't until two years and nine months later that I found out why. He had seen me leave his mother's chambers that night that Max was concived. </P>

<P>She stirred slightly, as if sensing that I was thinking about her. She started snoring softly, her head resting gently on my shoulder. I swore I would charish this moment for the rest of my life, the only time I could really be her father. </P>

<P>Sorry Makus's POV was so short, don't want to give away too much about him :}</P>

<P>Thanks again for reading. I've only had this for alike a day and people are reading my stuff, so thanks to those who started!!! =) </P>

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