To The Max- Taking Charge

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To The Max- Taking Charge

The next few days went by with out incident. The whole castle freaked out when I told them about the stranger in the night, and finding the maid on the floor in the morning. I shook it off as another of my strange dreams; I tell you they weren't few.

Makus has officially disappeared. He left sometime in the night apparently and no one has seen him since. I was lonely now; I missed the hours practicing magic with him. So instead I was working in my shop at the blacksmiths. Someone had moved all of my things from my shop in the "human world" here. I still didn't understand everyone's dislike for the human race, well sort of.

No one knew that I was a street kid yet. They all assumed that I had been raised by a normal family in the middle of the city; they didn't even think twice when they found my shop. They asked me if I had family trouble. I laughed.

Me? Family trouble!

Other than finding my father after sixteen years, and learning that my brother killed my own mother. Me having family trouble back on earth was saying something. I told people over and over that humans don't normally do that kind of thing. Then again there were the stories that hit the news. Things that disgusted many people so not everyone was the same.

I found that when I met with the council I was defending a lot of the humans, when I myself had been a victim to their cruelty. But I didn't let them know that.

"Humans are disgusting!" Someone said, earning a few cheers in its wake. My blood was boiling by now. For two hours I heard them discuss ways of how to suppress the human race from reaching them. I snapped. My father sat at the far end of the table silently letting this all happen.

"SHUT UP!" I screamed every face turned to me. "None of you know what it's like to live with humans!" I snapped standing, making my chair drop to the floor with a clatter. "None of you know what it's like! You don't know the people I know and don't know what I have learned from them! They were like family to me no matter what the consequences! They stood by my side, even in the darkest times." I started to calm down thinking about James and the others.

"But they are damaging their own world, and need to be stopped." Someone said quietly.

"They know that." I said bluntly. "Ever heard of the group Green Peace?" I asked. They shook their heads. "It's a group of people trying to protect the environment, reduce green house gasses, save the whales. Did you know that it's now illegal to hunt whales?" They all shifted.

"So a couple of people are running around handing out flowers, we have seen what happens when they do that!" Some one said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"This isn't the 70's!" I snapped. "Kyoto Protocol, Green Peace, Environment Canada, IPCC, UNEP, Earth System Governance Project, G8, G20, EPA! Need I go on?" I asked listing off all of the environmental groups I could think of.

"I have never heard of those." Someone whispered.

"That's because being environmentally friendly is the new fad. If you pollute than you're a terrible person, and everyone feels that they need to be socially accepted. That feeling has never changed." I slowly started to calm down. It didn't hit me until now that I should be shouting at them, especially if I wanted them to listen to me.

A servant picked up my chair and I sat back down, calming my breathing down I started over. "Look," I started keeping my anger under control. "Humans have made mistakes, but they also have done a lot of good, and I should know. I have seen the greedy and have seen the poor." That line hit a soft spot inside of me. "And one person may do something bad, but that doesn't mean they all will. Not every single human is corrupt."

"I would like you to name three." Someone scoffed. I raised an eye brow.

"U2, David Suzuki. There are some famous people for you. I also know a man named James personally; he took me in when no one else would. A police officer who looked out for me on the street. A woman that wanted a piece of art work to represent her knew out look on life, made in the most environmentally friendly way. There are many people out there who aren't corrupt, some may be that's true. But the others who aren't shouldn't be put into the same group." I was touched by my own speech.

"Thank you Max." My father said from the far end of the table, a wide smile of pride on his face. I smiled back and listened intently to the rest of the meeting.

There were some important things that were brought up, ones that I felt were important and others that seemed irrelevant. The meeting was longer then the weekly ones, so I missed all of my classes that day, not that I really cared. Etiquette and Sword play I didn't care for.

When we were adjourned I wondered my way to the stables and found the tall stallion that Charlie had given me. I named him Dusty, because he always looked like he had a fresh coat of hay dust on him. "Hey Dusty!" I said happily stepping into his pen. He neighed and acknowledged me before going back to eating the bucket of oats a stable hand left for him. I sat on the boards beside him and scratched his ears. "I feel that I'm a whole different person now." I whispered. "I never really considered being a princess. I mean when I discovered my powers I was scared at first, but learning to control them wasn't hard. But the whole princess thing is just a little too weird for me." He gazed at me before turning back to his snack.

"I never had money or power, and I was content with that. I had myself and the kids that needed me, I was one of the strong ones I guess." Dusty pulled away from his empty bucket and started nuzzling my pockets looking for an apple. "Come on." I said sighing. "I didn't bring any." I nudged his nose away.

He walked slowly behind me, he a pretty calm for stallion.

I saddled him up and trotted around the fields stopping at the orchard to let Dusty steal an apple off of one of the trees.

"I wonder when Makus will be home?" I whispered looking at the white abyss of the Forgotten Forest.

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