Hey! My name is Dani. Never give up on your writing keep trying.

I've talked to a professional author and his top seller was rejected by editors 26 times, so even if 26 people don't like it someone does and that's what matters.

So never give up on writing, your an artist in your own way.
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Description: This is a poem about a real situation Remember to never drink and drive


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selbeed commented on Spy In Love - Chapter One

Hey thanks for the note. I know it is a little convoluted, take into account I was very young in terms of writing when this story came to mind, and young at heart. So I really was just having fun with it, not really paying attention to the fine details when i published it. However I do see your point, and honestly it was something that bugged me for a while too. However in remark to your comment to "stop writing", No. How will we ever learn to improve if we simply quit while we are still young. Mistakes help you learn and grow and that's what this website helps individuals do, those who have wonderful ideas that they want to share with the world. So if you wish to be so negative about someones dreams I suggest to you, to leave this sight and let artists, writers, and dreamers have their space to learn and grow.
      Have a good evening.
Meme_Bee posted a message to selbeed
just finished reading 'Wolf Runt' and im honestly surprised it hasn't been more noticed! It's an amazing story :)
hi im reading your story, "arrange marraige to a secret agent"..and i extremely love it !but i coudnt finish reading up to chapter 12 because is says invalid url??