To the Max- not such a good idea-

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So i know i have posted to this one in a while (i've been working on a few other's that i will be posting soon, and the next few chapters to a few favoites)

so here it goes!!!!


To the Max- not such a good idea

So I showed up ten minutes early for my sword fighting practice (don't ask me why), and slowly moved around feeling awkward with the movements I was shown, or told, to do. "You're formation is terrible!" An arie voice snapped. I spun around making my sword clatter to the ground. "And what are you doing on my practice field?" he snapped walking down the steps to the stone circle. He was wearing full length robes and had his hands hidden buy the sleeves. A beautiful golden sword bounced on his hip.

"Umm, I have sword fighting practice here." I said looking around. This man looked scary.

"Impossible!" He snapped throwing his hands apart and looking even scarier. "I am the Sword Master of this kingdom! No one else should teach you the ways of the sword but me!" He snapped.

I actually smiled. This guy actually looked like he could wield a sword. "Really? Thank God!" I cried picking up my sword. "If I had to spend another hour with that gross pig who doesn't even know that sharp end of a sword I was going to scream." I said. I walked up to him and bowed (aparently we don't shake hands here). "I'm Princess Max." I said, full name was too much of a mouthful and I wasn't used to the Princess tital yet. "But please just call me Max." I insisted.

"No need to get friendly you highness." He said, it sounded like a sneer but his eyes betrayed his happiness.

"Actually it's just a thing." I said moving back to the training circle. "I'm not used to the 'your highness' thing or the 'princess' thing. For my comfort I like to be called Max. I've been a Max my whole life and I don't want that to change anytime soon." I stated. He nodded and rubbed his chin.

"Get into a basic stance." He said drawing his sword and pointing to my feet. I frowned and did as he said. "You're right, whomever you teacher was was an idiot!" He hissed. He stepped beside me and whacked my legs with the flat of his sword. I easily fell over, without being able to catch myself. "Guess we are starting from the beginning." He said.

That was the hardest hour I have ever worked! That was deffinately the person I wanted to teach me how to fight. He was up and practicing with me, making sure that I didn't make the same mistake more than once. I hurt, my muscles ached and there were bruises on my arms and legs were his whacked me with the flat of his sword.

We were so into the practice that we lost track of time and I worked long into lunch break, and missed the council meeting. Actually nither of us noticed that our hour was up when, you guessed it, Mrs. Shefferland strutted on to the circle and angry scowl on her face. "Princess you must learn to be Punctual!" She huffed coming up between us. "You must never be late, it is disrespectful," she started scribbling stuff down in her note book.

My swords teacher stayed silent as she lectured me. "I know, I just lost track of time. It was my first day of some really swordsmenship training." I defended.

"Don't whine, stand up straight, and a lady doesn't need to learn swordsmenship." She aimed the last comment at my teacher.

"Everyone has the righ and ability to learn the way of the sword." He said, he was more likely standing against her acusing swordsmenship then defending me.

Mrs. Shefferland sneered at him and looked down her glasses. "Fighting, even with a sword, should be reserved for brutal and uncontrolable MEN!" She hissed. My jaw dropped, did she seriously just say that?

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