chapter thirteen

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apologies for the much delayed update.
i have had so much writers block, it's taken me days to write this - where i usually can write one whole chapter in one day.
anyways, school has started again, so expect updates once a week.



Madison's brother James had arrived today and he mentioned to her and Isaac about bringing a plus one. His date.

His date happens to be Daisy Handman.

Daisy and James have been dating for two months and they've given everyone a statement on their relationship. They seem to be pretty serious with each other. I never pictured her wanting to settle down.

As much as Madison, Anna and Lindy didn't want Daisy joining the bachelorette do, she had to. It would have been petty to leave her out. They had no idea that it would have been her, of all people, being James Gliss' new girlfriend.

Elliot came up to me. "You dated that for seven years? The hell?"

I shrugged, not really knowing what to say. He just laughed at me.

"I predict a cat fight going down," Elliot says, and I shake my head.

"Daisy wouldn't dare," I mutter.

"You think so?" He questioned unsurely. "Well, I guess we'll see huh?"

We sat in the lobby of the resort talking over current events, as Isaac and Nate went off somewhere to do something regarding the bachelor night. I spoke to James some more, getting to know him on a better level. We settled the fact that there's no awkwardness between us over what literally just happened, including my ancient history, being Daisy.

Wise decision.

I knew Isaac's brothers well already, as I've known all of them since college. I spent my Christmas in the first year of college with Isaac's family, so you could say we were pretty close. Elliot was 23 years old and Alexander was Isaac's twin.

Elliot works in marketing. He has a girlfriend, Gwen, who is currently five months pregnant. Gwen joined him here, so she will be at the wedding. Her pregnancy has been really rough on her, so she's really lucky that her doctor said it was safe to fly abroad. Its nice to see them again after so long.

Alexander is an actor. Being Isaac's twin, it's hard to tell them apart as they are identical. Alexander is a bit of player, as he doesn't really like to settle down. He's a one night stand kind of guy. I'm betting that tonight he will try to bring a girl back to the suite.

"Alright lads! It's time!" Isaac's voice yelled.

"What exactly are we doing?" Elliot asked.

"Yacht baby," Nate says and everyone gets hyped about it.

We head out on a long walk to a pier, where a massive yacht is stood by. Beautiful girls in bikinis wave as we approached, squealing and shouting hey. None of them fazed me - compared to Lindy.

This morning Nate spoke to me. He would have told Lindy we had a bit of a heart to heart. But as everyone already knows by now, I'm a bit stubborn. Well, scratch that, I am completely stubborn and with a certain change of events, I will not listen to what he demands I do. I respected him for putting me in my place. What he said to me - he has guts.

He pretty much threatened me.

I was taken back by his words, honestly. I had my hand on my chest at one point, because I was so shocked. It was hard not to laugh, because Lindy was sat across from us at a different table. I'm not sure she knows what Nate said, but the man is so different to what I thought everyone put him out to be.

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