Chapter 12: Kelly

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Jasmines P.O.V

After Magcon we were all exhausted so we decided to go back to the hotel. Jack wasn't  in the car, which was weird, but I ignored it. When Nash pulled up to the hotel he made an announcement,  "Guys, Jack J wants us to meet him in the Theatre room because he has a 'big announcement'." Nash said. What could it be? We all walked in and went to the Theatre, within minutes Jack showed up with that girl he was flirting with at Magcon. "Guys this is Kelly, and we are going out now." Jack announced happily. My jaw dropped, they only met about 4 hours ago, I rolled my eyes annoyed. Jack is just doing this to make me cry back to him and tell him how I love him and how sorry I am.. but no, thats not going to happen. "So, we are going tonwatch The Fault in Our Stars!" Kelly announced. I held my ears. Kellys voice was so high pitched and loud. Jack sat with Kelly rihght behind me and Matt. The movie started and Jack started kicking the back of my seat, I tried to tolerate it for a while hut it became too annoying. "Can you stop acting like a kindergartner and watch the movie!?" I scream whispered. Jack smirked, I rolled my eyes in annoyance.  Halfway into the movie Jack and Kelly started making out and telling eachother how much they loved eachother. Okay Jack, two can play that game. I pulled Matt by his shirt into a kiss, he jerked away quickly. "We have to talk Jasmine."  Matt said.  Matt pulled me into the lobby "Jasmine, its obvious you have feelings for Jack and me, but you have to pick one or the other.  When  you have your mind right and feelings straight, come talk to me." Matt walked away. My knees felt weak and I fell to the ground, I started crying harder than I ever have, ever. I texted Emma,

To: Best Frannnn♥

Come in the lobby. Need best friend advice.

From: Best Frannnn♥

Coming pronto.

Emma walked out of the Theatre looking for me. "Emma." I barely managed to get out before bursting into tears again. "Honey shats wrong?" Emma asked concerned. "I have to choose between Jack J and Matt.." I began, "Matt told me to get my feelings together and then we can talk. Jack J only wants Kelly to make me jealous." I cried. "Emma what do I do?" I asked. "Well, if Jack truly had feelings for you, he wouldnt go out and get another girl, Matt obviously has true feelings for you so I would choose Matt. If you want to keep Matt, ignore Jack." Emma said. I nodded. "I guess thats right, thanks Emma." I hugged her. "Are you coming in?" Emma asked. "No, I think I'll sitmout here fot a while." I responded. She nodded and rubbed my back. Emma got up and walked inside. I cried a little and put my head in my knees. Someone walked out of the Theatre I looked up to see who it is,  it was Jack. "Jasmine.." he began. "Ew no, get away." I said rudely. "Jasmine.. Please list- , "Jack no I cant talk to y-, "Jasmine listen." Jack said over me. I leaned back giving up. "Jasmine, I realize you have feelings for the others, but I also have feelings for you.. All I ask is if you could spare me of the hurt feelings." Jack pleaded. "Why do you have Kelly? " I asked. "I like her but im regretting my decision because I such strong feelings for you." Jack admitted. I felt myself blush, Jack noticed and laughed. "See, everything you do is cute." He said. I put my head on his shoulder and sighed."Im sorry Jack." I apologize. He accepts my apology with a kiss.

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