Chapter 1: Our Big Day

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Jasmines P.O.V

"Wake up Jasmine!" Emma called, I groaned.

Today was the big day, Magcon. Wasn't really a big fan, I just think their hot. I'm not considered a "fangirl" I just follow them on Twitter, I check their pages once and a while, and I hear about them ALL THE TIME. Considering my best friend is a hardcore fangirl, I'm forced into talking about them. Which I least likely like talking about, but.. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Taylor Caniff (my runner up would be Cameron Dallas). When Emma forced me into going to magcon, I made one exception, we had to meet Taylor Caniff first. "Jasmine Nicole Miranda, Get up or we'll miss our flight!" Emma said. "Okay, No problem. I didn't agree to this anyway." I mumbled. "Yes you basically did, you paid for your plane ticket." Emma stated. I got up, "We BETTER stop at Starbucks." I said. She smiled, "Deal, take a shower, get dressed. Our plane departs in an hour!"

I jumped in the shower, my music blasting. I was playing my favorite song, Buckwild by Taylor Caniff. I was singing as loud as I could to wake me up. I realized I had been there for 7 minutes, and that I had to hurry up or Emna would be furious. I jumped out, put my Taylor Caniff shirt on with my leggings Emma got me for my birthday and my Sperrys. I put my brown hair in a messy bun, applied a little mascara and foundation, and we were off. I got into Emma's pink Volkswagen. "What took you so long!?" She said. I checked the time, "It only took me 15 minutes!" I exclaimed. She rolled her eyes and drove off. I turned on the radio to 98.7 and the whole way to the airport we were jamming to She Looks So Perfect by 5sos. We got to the airport, paid for parking and parked. We got in, weighed our suitcases, and went through security then finally we were in. "I'm starving! I know you have to be too." Emma said. "Yes I am! That granola bar didn't hold me as long as I thought it would." I said. "where do you want to eat?" She asked. "You promised me Starbucks." I stated. "Okay. But where for FOOD?" Emma asked. "Let's look around, then choose." I said. We found a McDonalds, a concession stand, a Starbucks, and a Cafè. "These are the only food places on our floor!" Emna complained. "Well, we ca go to the main food court." I recommended. "I don't wanna miss our flight though." Emma said. "It's only a few floors down. Come on!" I said. "Jasmineee, I really don't wanna miss our flight." Emma whined. I rolled my eyes, "Fine! Where do you wanna eat?" I asked. She smiled, I knew what that smile meant, I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Come on. To McDonalds we go!" I said. I got a McGriddle Emma got a McGriddle too. We sat and talked about magcon as always. "Oh shoot." Emma said. "What!?" I asked worried. "Our flight leaves in 5 minutes." She said. "Go I'll meet you there." I said. She ran to the elevator, I got back in the line, luckily I was the only person in line. "Erm, hi a Caramel Frappichino please?" I asked hurriedly. "$3.45" she replied. I handed her the money. There were done within minutes. I took my frappe and I sprinted as fast as I could to our terminal. I saw Emma at the front of the line. "Emma!" I called out. She looked at me, she talked to the assistant and I went to the front of the line. We gave her our tickets to her. We were walking to the plane then Emma stopped. "You okay?" I asked concerned. "I feel like I have a stampede in my stomach." She said. She was always so dramatic. I took her hand and backpack "Lets go drama queen." I rolled my eyes. I pulled her to our seat. Here we come New York.

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