Chapter Five: Relationship Troubles

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Jasmines P.O.V

Whoa Whoa Whoa. What just happened. Jasmine, you like Taylor Caniff. "Hey, Jas, can I talk to you in the hall?" Taylor asked. I nodded my head, he took my hand and led me into the hall. "Yeah." I asked. "Will you go out with me?" He asked "For Valentine's day?" He added. I smiled and nodded, our hands were locked together I put my head on his shoulder. I looked into those beautiful eyes of his, next thing I know, we were kissing, until the door opened. Man, I was afraid of this. It was Jack Johnson.

Jack J's P.O.V

"Hey, Jas, can I talk to you in the hall?" Taylor asked Jasmine. They walked out hand in hand. "He is going to ask her out for Valentines day." Aaron said. Oh shit, well it's too late now. I didn't want to react too quickly or the boys would know I like her too. So I waited about 3 minutes, "Be right back, I have to get my phone charger." I said. I really did have to get it from my room, my phone was about to go dead anyway. When I opened the door. Jasmines lips were in Taylor's. "You didn't see that did you?" Jasmine asked. "See what?" I faked.

Jasmines P.O.V

Jacks eyes got all glossy, I knew he was about to cry. Wait, why does he care it's not like he likes me. Jack rushed to his room. "I'll be right back." I told Taylor, "Don't wait around for me, you can go back to the room." I added.

Taylor's P.O.V

I knew Jack had feelings for her, but I found her first, as they say finders keepers. Well I found her, and I have feelings for her, so I keep her. Jack is one on my best friends and I did feel bad. If things don't work out between me and Jas, I'll just pick up Emma. Emma is so hot, I like her too, but I already asked out Jasmine. I'm kind of regretting it now. I walked in, the boys clapped for me but their faces fell when they realized Jasmine wasn't with me. "Where is she?" Emma asked. Emma was perfect, everything about her. "With Jack." I responded. "Did she say yes?" Hayes asked. "Yeah." I responded. They clapped for me.

Jasmines P.O.V

I followed Jack into his room. "Hey." I said. "Hey." he responded glumly. "What's wrong." I asked. Jack shook his head. "Are you sure?" I asked. "What were you and Taylor doing out there." Jack asked. "Tay asked me out for Valentines." I said. This is what I was afraid of hurting one of their feelings. I sighed, "Wanna come back to the room?" I asked. "Sure, let me get my charger." He said. When he stood up I gave him a hug. "It'll be okay." I said in his shoulder.

Jack J's P.O.V

Jasmine HUGGED me. I hugged her back, she was perfect. Eventually she let go and I got my phone charger. I was still thinking about the hug, but it's not like we made out, it was just a hug.. Does she have feelings for me?

Jasmines P.O.V

We were in the hall. "I'm tired." I told Jack. "Hi tired, nice to meet ya." Jack said. I giggled,

"What time is it?"


"Oh, who's room am I sleeping in?"

"Well tonight we are all sleeping in Nash's room."

All of us? In one room?" I asked astounded. Jack nodded. "Let's go to my room real quick." I said. He nodded, then we got on the elevator. Emma texted me. (Emma:💕 Jasmine:😍)

💕- Where are you?

😍- On the elevator

💕- Going where?

😍- To our room

💕- Why?

😍- Is this an interrogation?

💕- No, I'm just wondering where you are.

😍- I'm going to our room to get a shower and clothes for the night. We have a big day tomorrow and I'm tired. Jack says we are all sleeping in Nash's room tonight. I'll be right there.

💕- K

We arrived to my room and it was messy, "Excuse the mess." I blushed. Jack smiled. I took a quick shower, then stuffed everything I needed into my duffel bag. Jack was sitting there watching TV. "Ready?" he asked. I nodded and we were back up to Nash's room. When I opened the door everyone looked at me with nasty looks.

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