Chapter Six: Missunderstanding

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Jasmines P.O.V

I frowned, "What?" I asked. Taylor looked furious. "What?" I asked again. Emma shook her head at me. "WHAT!?" I yelled. Taylor stood up and punched Jack in the eye. "WHAT THE HELL TAYLOR!" I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?"

"That's what he deserves."

"He didn't do anything to you!"

"He did something to you."

"No he didn't! What are you talking about?"

"Emma told us."


"Jack banged you."

I rolled my eyes over to Emma. "Really." I said agitated

"How else was I supposed to think? You were going in a room ALONE with Jack taking a 'shower' then you asked if it was an interrogation, and it took you so long, he could have banged you."

I teared up, "Glad you guys think I'm a slut." I said. I ran out I wasn't sure where to go. I didn't have the car keys and they would find me in the room. The pool! Taylor came out of the room. I sprinted like I've never sprinted before, finally the pool door. I pulled on it, fuck it was locked. I slid down to the floor Taylor helped me up. I was crying, "Jasmine, I should have never believed Emma." he said.

"Taylor, if you think I had sex with Jack then you don't trust me."

"I let Emma talk it into my head. I trust you babe, I promise."

Then he kissed me, we walked back to Nash's room hand in hand we walked in Taylor put his hand around my waist, "Were cool." he announced. I looked over to the bed and Emma was nursing Jack J's eye. I wasn't particularly jealous but I was kind of. I grabbed Taylor's hand and pulled him down to where his ear was near my lips. "Now that were good, go apologize to Jack." I said. Taylor nodded, I kissed him on the cheek. I laid down on the couch as a deep sleep came over me.

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