Chapter Seven: Magcon Tour

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DAY 1:

Jasmines P.O.V

When I woke up I was in Taylor's arms. I checked my phone it was 7:56 am. I had a few notifications. A text from Emma, missed call from mom, and a twitter notification. I checked the text first,

Emma- Downstairs at breakfast. Come when you wake up. Bring Taylor if he wants to come. I didn't want to wake Taylor so I texted my mom.

Me- hey mom I'm okay we arrived to the hotel yesterday. I got a Twitter notification, Taylor tagged me in a photo of me sleeping. The caption says: knocked out cold beautiful, can't wait for tomorrow @JasmineMiranda. I favorited it and retweeted it. I woke Taylor with a kiss. I grabbed my clothes from my duffel and got dressed. I applied eyeliner, mascara, and foundation then I put my hair in a side braid. When I came out Taylor was ready. Good morning beautiful, I have a present for you. He handed me a box of chocolates. "Awh, babe. Thank you!" I said. "When did you get these?" I asked.

"I snuck out while everyone was asleep. I got you these and a few more presents."

"Let's go eat." I said. We walked out hand in hand. We took the elevator to the first floor. There was a room reserved for Magcon boys. We walked up then the security guards let us in. "Heyyy! There you guys are! Help yourselves. There is a waffle maker, toaster, bacon, sausage, eggs, bagels, cereal, Starbucks, orange juice, and apple juice." Cameron said. "Okay thanks!" I said. I got a blueberry waffle and Starbucks Mocha. I sat by Emma and Nash, and Emma was flirting with Nash. Nash looked extremely uncomfortable, I had to giggle. Taylor pulled a seat up to the table. "Good morning!" I said to Emma.


"You ready for the big day?"

"Yeah. Nash has an important announcement!" Emma said urgently.

"Yeah, wait its a surprise." Nash said.

"No! Not about today. About the rest of the 2 weeks silly!" Emma exclaimed.

"Oh! Yeah, Taylor asked Bart and he said you and Emma can be in Magcon for the 2 weeks we are here in New York." Nash said. I looked at Taylor, he smiled at me I kissed him. "Why not today?" I asked. No one responded, they were hiding something, I guess I would find out later. We got in Emmas Tahoe. "Where are we going?" Emma asked. "I'll drive." Jack G said. Emma got out and tossed him the keys. Jack drove us down to another hotel. "A hotel?" I asked. "Yeah, we are using the ballroom." Jack J said with attitude. jacks eye looked horrible, and I knew he was mad at me for some reason. "Why didn't we just use our hotel ballroom?" I asked. "It was smaller than this one." Matt said. "Oh." I said. We went in, the stage was already set up. "We bought front row tickets." Emma said. Taylor led us to our spots, "You sit here." He said. Within minutes the room was packed with people. Jack G introduced everybody then something astonishing happened Taylor took the microphone, "Jasmine Nicole, please come to the stage."

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