Chapter Nine: Second Chances?

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When Magcon was over, we didn't want to go back to the hotel, so we decided to go to the mall. "Babeee, will you come to Starbucks with me?" I ask Taylor

"You think im going into that gay place?" He said harshly.

"I'll go." Jack J offered


"Did you see how he treated you?"

"Yeah, maybe he's just tired and moody."

Jack and I walk to Starbucks, I ordered a Double Chocolate Chip Frappe and Jack ordered a Iced Mocha. We walk back to the place we last were in sscience Taylor wasn't there so i texted him.

Me: Where are you?

T: At the restroom

Me: K

I walk over to the restrooms and heard Emma making out with someone. "Guessed she pulled another guy into her trap." I mumbled. I looked to see who is was and MY BOYFRIEND was on my best friends lips.

Taylor's P.O.V

Emma was getting to cute for me to ignore her, at Magcon she was so hot I couldn't resist, I like her but I like Jasmine too, Emma or Jasmine? I haven't made my move on Jasmine but I'll make my move on Emma. Plus, Jasmine is too scared to kiss a boy anyways, on the other hand Emma will make the first move on a kiss, maybe more. They are polar opposites I'll take the naughty girl any day over the goodie too shoes. I pulled Emma by the family restrooms and I pinned her hands up against the wall, we both stopped momentarily for breath, "Stop." she turned her head. Then we started again. Fuck, Jasmine texted me, "Just a second babe." I said winking.

J: Where are you?

"Fuck off." I wanted to type but I needed to let her down easy.. but how? Wait, I'm kissing on her best friend, this is the perfect way for me to let her down easy! I mean, I guess this is the time to confess to her that I banged Emma yesterday.

Me: by the restrooms

J: K

I would have to intensify the kissing if we were going to break up. When I walked back Emma was gone but I could her. I kissed Emma 3x harder than before Jasmine showed up within minutes, I smirked.

Jasmines P.O.V

Taylor smirked at me. I started crying, hard. "Oh! I guess this is the right time for you to know I banged Emma yesterday? Yeah, while you were "banging" Jack that's right, I banged Emma." He said. I looked at Emma, she looked down shameful. This made me cry 5x harder I ran to the restroom.

Emma's P.O.V

Correction, I didn't kiss Taylor, Taylor kissed me. He pinned my hands against the wall and his legs were wrapped around mine. So there was no getting away. I told him to stop, then he walked away. I ran away, and tried to find Jasmine, but Taylor hunted me down. Jasmine walked in and saw us making out. Taylor explained how we banged on Thursday and I was ashamed. She ran to the bathroom.

"Do you see what you've done?!" I screamed. I kicked in right in the balls, he fell to the ground in pain. "You just broke your girlfriends heart, and you made me look like the bad guy. Fuck off dick sucker!" I screamed. I kicked him in the side.

Jasmines P.O.V

My mascara was running and my concealer was peeling off my face. Emma busted inside. "Jasmine listen." Emma said. I gently pushed her, "Don't even try. Don't talk to me until I calm down!" I said. I did a light jog out of the restroom. The tears were still streaming down my face. Jack Johnson took my arm, "What's wrong?" He asked. I cried into his shoulder on our way to the food court to talk. I mean, I was single anyways. We made it to the food court and we sat down and I explained EVERYTHING he shook his head. "Im sorry." he said, "Taylor is just a dick and your too beautiful to be treated that way." he stated. I blushed and I could feel the red flooding over my face. Jack chuckled, "Shutup!" I teased. I pull him by his shirt and kissed him.

Jack J's P.O.V

She KISSED me. Wow she was perfect.

"I like you, I like you alot Jasmine Miranda. And I know its happenings way too fast-"

"Stop with the heartthrobs stories and kiss me already Jasmine said. We kissed, Jasmine released first then Nash texted me.

N: U at the food court?

Me: Yeah

N: K stay there. We are going back to the hotel. The mall is closing

Me: Okay

Jasmine P.O.V

I just kissed the perfect guy, twice. So the whole Taylor thing has pros and cons. We all got in Emma's Tahoe and it was an awkward ride home. When we got to the hotel we decided to go to our separate rooms but I kind of wanted to stay with Jack for the night. "Can I stay with you and Jack G tonight?" I asked. "Sure." He said. I was emotionally tired, so i would get a shower in the morning. Jack cuddled up to me and he was breathing on my neck, it was perfect. Back warmth put me in a deep sleep.

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