Chapter 10: Jack

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Jasmines P.O.V

I woke up in the position we left in. I checked my phone, 7:35. I had notifications. A text from Emma, a text from mom, and 2 Twitter notifications. I wasn't ready to talk to Emma yet so I checked my moms text; good morning sweetie! hope your having the best time in New York! The family down here misses you :( Kara says hi. I love you!

I responded: Tell Kara and Justin I said hi. Ily 2.

If you didn't know, Kara and Justin are my 2 younger siblings. Kara is 12 and Justin is 7. I checked my Twitter notifications one from @caniffingxx and one from @officalmrsjohnson I checked @caniffingxx first, the picture was of Taylor putting that promise ring on my finger, the caption was; they are SUCH a great couple😏💕 @JasmineMiranda @TaylorCaniff

Ew. I moved on to @officalmrsjohnson's tweet. The picture was of me and Jack sleeping together, and the caption was; 😻😻✋ @JasmineMiranda @JackJackJohnson

Wait, where did she get that picture? I checked Jack's page and sure enough, there was the exact same picture he just didn't tag me. I scrolled through the rest of her page and their was the picture of me and Jack kissing at the mall. I screenshot it, retweeted it, and favorited it. Then decided to check Emma's text it read, Jasmine, I can explain, but in person. Please meet me in the ballroom if your ready to talk, if your not please watch this video it explains everything. I clicked on the link. It was called LEAKED VIDEO TAYLOR CANIFF. It was them kissing. I was about to click out of it but something caught me eye, Emma tried to run away. I kept watching, after I ran away to the bathroom she kicked him, twice I got up and left Jack a note that said, be back soon ;) xo ~Jasmine

I didn't feel like getting dressed yet so I just did my hair in a ponytail and left. I walked to the ballroom and heard Taylor flirting with Emma, "Ugh, you disgust me Taylor, get awa-" Emma was interrupted by Taylor starting to kiss her. I walked in then Emma kneed him in the gut, "Jas, it's not what is looks like." Emma explained. "I know, I heard." I said. "Jasmine, I didn't mean what I said, I want you back." Taylor said. "Taylor, you bought me chocolates, roses, and a ring, but none of that makes up for what you did to me yesterday. What did you expect? For you to apologize and I'd be like Oh a Taylor you kissed on my best friend and banged her too but that's okay.. and I would let you back in? No, this 'promise' that we will be together forever is over. Take you cheap ass ring back and give it to the next girl that falls into your trap." I said. I took the ring off my finger and threw it at his face. "Fine I don't need you anyway. I don't need neither of you." he said then picked the ring up off the floor. When he left I started giggling. "Jasmine in so sorry let me expla-" I cut her off with a hug. "I watched the video, thank you." I said. We walked out and I branched off towards Jacks room, "Where are you going?" Emma asked. "I have to get dressed and take a shower." I said, "Be right back." I said. Emma nodded and I opened the door. Jack looked all worried, "What happened are you okay? I texted you like 20 times." He said rushed. "I'm fine, my phone was off, and I left you a note." I said. "Where?" Jack asked. I walked over to the note I left and picked it up. "Right here." I said sarcastically. "I feel stupid." he said. "You should." I giggled. "I'm going to take a shower. Do

I have to leave a note for that?" I joked. He laughed and nodded and laid down in the bed. I grabbed my duffel bag and walked to the bathroom. I pulled out my Nirvana shirt, Abercrombie jeans, and my black converse. I took a shower and washed my hair. Surprisingly, I took a quick shower. I got out and got dressed. I didn't know what to do with my hair, so I pulled out my curling iron. It took me a good 15 minutes to do my hair and I haven't even done my makeup yet. I pulled out my makeup bag and did a light coat of concealer then I did my mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Once I was done, I stuffed everything in my duffel bag and walked out and Jack wasn't there. I pulled out my phone and texted him.

To: Jack✨

Where are you?

From: Jack✨

At Matt, Carter, Maggie's room taking a shower. Unlike you I actually keep my phone on😂✋

To: Jack✨


I'm in a joking mood so I texted Carter, Matt, and Maggie

To: Carter👲, Matt😇, Maggie👄

Wanna play a prank on Jack?

From: Carter👲

I'm in.

From: Maggie👄

What kind of prank?

From: Matt😇

Yeah. What are we gonna do?

To: Maggie👄, Matt😇


From: Carter👲

We can take shrink wrap and cover the door and when he walks out it will be fucking hilarious😂

To: Carter👲

Perfect. Where can we find shrink wrap?

From: Matt😇

Storage room?

To: Carter👲, Matt😇, Maggie👄

Meet me in the hall.

I walked into the hall and Carter, Matt, Maggie were already there. "Where's the storage room?" I asked. "In the lobby, we don't have to go in there ourselves, just ask for shrink wrap." Carter said. "Okay. Let's go." I said. We were off to the elevator, it was a awkward ride down, because Carter and Maggie were kissing and telling each other how much they love one another. Then something odd happened, Matt put his arm around me.

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