Chapter 11: Matt Espinosa?

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Jasmines P.O.V

I accepted it and snuggled up to him and put my head in his shoulder.

Matts P.O.V

I really liked Jasmine, its was kind of like a "love at first sight" kind of thing. Now that Taylor screwed up (as always) she's free and single. We were in the elevator and Carter and Maggie were kissing on each other and it was really awkward. I decided that this was my chance to show her that I like her. I didn't know how she would react, because she acts like she likes Jack.. a lot. I finally made a decision to put my arm around her I held my breath waiting for her reaction. Success! She snuggled up to me! I pulled out my phone and took a picture of us. "Send that to me." Jasmine said. I nodded and sent it to her. She instantly got it, saved it to her camera roll, and set it as her home screen. Jasmine looked up and smiled at me.

Jasmines P.O.V

I accepted Matt but only for one reason. Jack is too slow to make his move on me but Matt did, to be honest I've liked Matt from the beginning, but never realized it. I hope Jack never opens my phone. We finally reached the lobby, I walked up to the counter and asked for shrink wrap. While the man was going to get the shrink wrap I got a text from Matt.

From: Matt

Stop being so beautiful✋

I looked at him and giggled. The man gave us our shrink wrap and on our way to the elevator I felt a hand grab mine, it was Matt. Our hands enlocked and we got on the elevator. On our way up I got a text from Maggie.

From: Maggie

Are you and Matt a thing now?

To: Maggie


We reached our floor and Jack was still in the shower and the door was still closed. We took duck tape and taped it to the top of the door and brought the shrink wrap to the bottom of the door and taped it. I sat next to Matt on the bed. Matt took out his phone and went to camera. It took 10 minutes but Jack finally opened the door, he walked through and it was hilarious. Matt rolled the video back in slo-mo. It was funnier in slow motion. "Hey Jasmine, can I use your phone real quick?" Jack asked. "Sure." I said while giggling to the video again. "Password?" he asked. "3098." I laughed hysterically. "Jasmine.. what is this?" Jack asked. My smile faded slowly, I looked at Matt "Um, nothing." I said. "Im going to ask again WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS JASMINE?" Jack said raising his voice. "OKAY YEAH, MAYBE ME AND MATT MIGHT HAVE SNUGGLED UP ON THE ELEVATOR BUT SO WHAT? IM SINGLE, IM NOT DATING TAYLOR ANY MORE! AND IM NOT DATING YOU SO WHY DO YOU CARE?" I screamed. "BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU JASMINE, AND YOU KEEP REJECTING ME EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!" Jack yelled back. "SURE I MIGHT HAVE FEELINGS FOR MATT AND TAYLOR BUT THEY MADE A MOVE ON ME. YOU DIDNT." I screamed back. "WHAT DO YOU THINK IM TRYING TO DO?" Jack responded. "WELL I DONT SEE YOU EVEN TRYING. I HAD TO MAKE THE FORST MOVE AT THE MALL!" I said. "WELL IM TRYING MY HARDEST JASMINE, BUT YOU KEEP LIKING OTHER PEOPLE BUT ME!" Jack yelled. "WELL ACCEPT IT!" The words slipped out of my mouth. He looked extremely hurt, "Okay, maybe I will." he stormed out and slammed the door. I sat down on the bed next to Matt, I started crying into his shoulder. "What. Did. I. Just. Do?" I said in between sobs


Cameron drove us to Magcon in Emmas car. Jack kept shooting me nasty looks, Matt noticed and pulled me closer. When we arrived to Magcon,  the tables were already set up . Today was the meet and greet. Matt sensed my nervousness and hugged me, "There is no need to be nervous." Matt said gently.  I nodded and pulled a chair upmto Matt's booth. Within minutes a throng of girls came in giggling and screaming. 30 minutes into Magcon, I looked at Jack he was flirting with a fairlynpret

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