Chapter Four: Magcon Boys

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Jasmines P.O.V

I looked at Emma. "Sure! But we can't stay too late because we have to be at magcon tomorrow morning." I said. "You can stay over. Our but can transport you to magcon." he winked. "Okay, let us go get our stuff."

Taylor's P.O.V

All of a sudden she was getting nice. It was so weird. First she's screaming at me to leave her alone, now she's kissing up to me? I won't think about it too much. I got a text from Jasmine.

jasmine🎈: hey, what's your room floor and number?

14 and 123

jasmine🎈: okay be right there.

I had to get up there before Jasmine and Emma knocked on the door.

Jasmines P.O.V

I felt really bad about everything. So I started being nice to Taylor. We were going up to our floor. I checked my messages again. "Room 123." I told Emma. But of course she wasn't listening because she was fangirling so hard, she was blabbering about how Nash Grier or Matthew Espinosa would fall in love with her or whatever. I guess I would have to remember it myself. We got to floor 14 room 123 I knocked on the door. Taylor came out of the elevator Cameron Dallas opened the door. "Do you want a picture?" he asked. "Their not fangirls Cameron. Well, she is but she's not." He said pointing to Emma then me. "Did you invite them here?" Cameron asked. "Yes." I blurted. I just want to get inside. "Is this the one that blew you off this morning?" Cameron asked Taylor. Taylor's cheeks were turning red he nodded. Cameron took long enough letting us in. "Guys! This is Jasmine and this is Emma." Taylor announced. "Jasmine Emma, this is Carter, Nash, Hayes, Cameron, Jack G, Matt, Aaron, Shawn, and Jack J. Jack J stared into my eyes for a long time how could I not realize he's so hot! I guess Taylor noticed so he broke the stare by talking. "Truth or Dare anyone?" Taylor screamed. We all sat in a circle. Jack J to my right Emma to my left. Nash started,

"Emma, truth or dare?"

"I'm going to play it safe and say truth."

"Would you have sex with Shawn?"


I looked at her, we are only 16 we are not going to be on one of those TV shows 16 and pregnant.

"Hayes, truth or dare?" Emma asked.


"Okay, I dare you to kiss Cameron ON THE LIPS for 4 seconds."

Everyone oooed.

"Ughhhh." Hayes said

Hayes got up and Cameron got on his knees.

"Ready?" Emma asked "Go!"

Everyone started counting.

"One Mississippi"

"Two Mississippi"

"Three Mississippi"

"Four Mississippi"

Hayes released first

It was a really fun game until they dared me.

"Jasmine truth or dare?" Jack G asked. I didn't want to be a bummer and pick truth like Emma did, "Dare." I said. Everyone clapped for me.

"Okay I dare you to kiss Taylor.

Jack J's P.O.V

I can't lie, I really, really, really like Jasmine. Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I have to get her number then ask her out before Taylor does. I can really tell Taylor likes her, but I like her too. He will probably play her anyway, like he does every other girl. He dates a girl, then his girlfriend catches him getting laid by another one. "I dare you to kiss Taylor." Jack said. That nearly broke me. Everyone knows Taylor likes Jasmine but no body knows I like her too. I'm very good at hiding my feelings. Jasmine looked at me.

Jasmines P.O.V

KISS TAYLOR!? Is rather be kissing Jack J, but I like Taylor a lot too. "Is there a time limit?" I asked. "No for as long as you'd like." Jack G said. I put my lips to his lips. I think we stayed there for 7 seconds and then I released.

Jack J's P.O.V

I broke down, I started fidgeting. "You okay Jack?" Jasmine asked. Her hand was on my thigh. I calmed down a bit. She gave me her warm reassuring smile. I smiled back.

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