Chapter 2

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Even under the dim yellow light, Y/N still could see the red handprint mark on his cheek. She didn't realize that she had slapped him so hard.

She took this opportunity to escape, hurriedly pushing Jimin off and getting off the bed. Y/N glared at him, still shocked from what just happened.

Jimin stroked his cheek and glared back at her. He couldn't believe that Y/N dared to slap him. His gaze was so cold it made Y/N tremble with fear. They were facing each other for awhile.

Y/N was still frozen while standing and finally Jimin was the first one to make a move, he opened his suitcase, took out his clothes and went inside the bathroom. Not long after, Y/N heard the sound of water flowing inside.

She sat on the bed, still thinking about what just happened.

Y/N didn't know why Jimin suddenly appeared in her room. But it obviously was not his wish, of course he was forced. She could see it clearly from his eyes and the way he talked to her.

There was only one bed in the room, because she always slept here alone so there was no extra blanket. It was already late at night, she was afraid she would wake up people up if she went to the guest room or looked for extra blanket. But with this cold weather, whoever slept on the sofa would definitely freeze.

Y/N laid on the bed, she thought that Jimin would definitely leave the room especially with what just happened. She kept thinking about it and made her scared of him, so she pulled the blanket up and laid on the edge of the bed. It was a king size bed, so even if they sleep on the same bed, there would be a big distance between them.

Feeling anxious, Y/N was unable to fall asleep..She just lay silently on her side of the bed. After a long time, she felt the bed sank as someone climbed in and lay beside her..

Jimin didn't leave the room, he slept here.

Y/N started to breath nervously, holding the blanket and pulling it upwards over her body, afraid to move from her side of the bed.

The doctor's voice still lingered on her mind, so clear and sharp. All other methods have failed, and the last method left was to give birth to a second child and use his umbilical cord blood to save Joon Min. This was the reason why Grandma commanded Jimin to come home.

But they were strangers. It was an accident that gave birth to Joon Min. But now they were laying down together and sharing the same bed, as they had to be together to get the second child. It was not only Jimin that felt disgusted, in fact Y/N also didn't want to do it. But deep down she knew that there was no other way.

Four years ago, when they were just married, he left to a foreign country with his lover. These four years, he never even came home to check on his own son. It made Y/N sure that he probably didn't even know the gender of their child.

If Joon Min wasn't sick, Y/N believed that she would have never met Jimin again.

Her mind was wandering around but finally she slept.

Getting used to waking up early to take care Joon Min in the hospital, she woke up early again.

As she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a handsome face. Her mind went blank and immediately moved back to make some distance between them.

Because of her sudden movement, Jimin woke up. He looked at her with a blank face, but his eyes showed disgust. He moved the blanket and went directly to the bathroom.

He was topless, his body looked well-built.She couldn't help but notice, but she didn't have time to appreciate it.

She hurriedly got up and changed. After she was done, she went downstairs.

Grandma and Neon Yun were already inside the dining hall.

"Grandma, Mom, morning." Y/N came by, and the maid served her breakfast.

Neon Yun had always been cold towards her. She just nodded and never showed any kind of different response, but Grandma kindly replied: "Did you have a good sleep last night?"

Y/N knew what she meant, after all she was the one who forced Jimin to sleep with her.

"It's not bad..." Y/N laughed. Not brave enough to look at her eyes, she lowered her head to eat her breakfast .

There were footsteps from upstairs. "Mr Park, good morning." Said the maid. Jimin wore all black and pulled a chair and sat down: "Grandma, Mom, good morning." He didn't greet Y/N and acted like she wasn't even there.

Neon Yun saw the red mark on his son's face, shockingly said: "Jimin, what happened to your face?"

Jimin coldly looked up and faced Y/N: "Ask her."

"Y/N, was that your doing?" Neon Yun interrogated, anger clear on her face

Y/N didn't expect that the red mark would still there in the morning. She pursed her lips and nodded: "Mom, it was me..."

"Why did you hit him? You think you..."

Before Neon Yun could finish her sentence, Grandma loudly slapped the dining table: "Just stop it, Y/N certainly did it accidentally, it's not really a big deal! Why are you making a fuss about it?"

Neon Yun just stayed silent in front of Grandma, not daring to open her mouth.

Y/N hurriedly finished her breakfast and started preparing breakfast for Joon Min. "Grandma, Mom, I will go to the hospital."

Grandma stopped her: "Wait for Jimin, you both should go together."

Jimin drove Y/N to the hospital, they didn't speak, not even a word during their journey.

Actually Y/N planned to stay at the hospital to be with Joon Min, but last night, Grandma called her and asked her to go home. She didn't expect that it was because of Park Jimin's return.

After the car stopped, Y/N opened the door and got off, didn't care if Jimin wanted to follow or not, she just went toward Joon Min's room.

Joon Min was already awake and sitting on the bed, still wearing his thick knitted hat.

Seeing his mom, his handsome face was full of joy: "Mom, come here."

It looked like he wanted to tell some sort of secret. Y/N came towards him and sat down beside him: "What's going on?"

"Doctor said that I can leave the hospital today, is that true mom?" He asked with excitement.

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