The start

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Link and Zelda were at the Palace.

"Ganondorf is up to no good. He wants to work with someone." Zelda said.

Link nodded his head to this news. He needed to figure it out and put a stop to it..

He went to train and afterwards he got a shower and headed off to bed.

During his sleep he had a dream.. Well a nightmare. He seen Ganondorf and some guy with a huge smile with green hair. It was a dark place but he heard a laugh and one that sounded insane.

Link woke up from his dream and still was able to hear the laugh echoing through his head.

Link needed to talk to Zelda. When he got there she wasn't there. Guards came running over.

"The Princess has been kidnapped." One of the Guards said in a panic.

Link only nodded. Now he needed to stop Ganondorf and That insane man plus get Zelda back.

Link went to his horse. He was off with Epona.

*Now at Happy Harbor.*

The team decided they wanted to go to the beach for the day. Wally was trying to show off to Megan by showing her he could swim. Conner was making hotdogs. Kaldur was swimming. Artemis was playing in the sand with Robin. Zatanna was sun tanning along with Raquel.

"You know what would be fun?" Robin said with a smirk.
"What?" Artemis asked.
"Dumping a bucket of sand on Zatanna and Raquel." Robin said with mischief in his voice Artemis smiled back.

"So how has your life been?" Zatanna asked making small talk.
"Good. Now let's talk about boys." Raquel responded.
"You know what's great." Robin said from behind.
"What?" Raquel asked.
"Sand." Robin said with a grin and before they knew it both Zatanna and Raquel had sand on them while Robin and Artemis laughed.

"Team report to the mission room." Batman ordered.

"We'll get you two back!" Zatanna yelled at the two dashing to the cave.

The team all got in their suits and were standing infront of Batman.

"Joker has a new partner." Batman said.
"Who?" Wally asked.
"We haven't been able to recognize the man but it isn't good." Batman repiled.
"Haven't people learned he's going to back stab them." Robin said.
"Apparently not." Artemis responded
"So You want us to see what we can find." Wally said with hope.

"No. This is League Business you will stay out of it. I'm just informing you." Batman said giving all of them a Batglare before leaving using the Zeta beams.

"We're gonna end up doing something we aren't suppose to do... Aren't we." Raquel said.
"Yup.. But that's half the fun." Zatanna said.
"Can't argue that." Artemis added.

Author Note: Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments. This is my first time writing anything that involves Legend of Zelda in it....

My Sister who Loves Legend of Zelda Requested me to Write this.

Part two is on my sister's account.

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