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"Hinata Sensei......Hinata Sensei!"

Hinata forced her eyes away from the delicate square of paper that she had just picked up from her stack of mail on her instructors desk and looked up to see that all of her students had already filed in and taken their seats awaiting their sensei's morning instructions.

"Hinata Sensei?...are you okay? We are ready to start class mam." A young orange haired girl asked with clear concern in her adolescent voice. Mentally shaking herself awake from the shock of reading what she was holding, she forced a small reassuring smile and addressed her students.

"Oh, yes Moegi dear, I'm sorry everyone. I was just distracted by my reading." Placing the wedding invitation into her vest pocket she pushed all her racing thoughts and feelings to the back of her mind and focused on teaching her class about the proper process of how to produce a viable clone.


During her lunch period Hinata sat in the staff room like usual and ate her lunch by herself in her favorite seat in the back of the room where no one ever seems to notice her. She doesn't mind though, she never enjoys forced conversations with her peers, and rather just listen in to the surrounding conversations being held all around her. Today though, she wasn't very enthused about what the daily gossip was about.

"Did you see the announcement!?"

"It is so soon don't you think? Already getting married!"

"They've known each other since they were kids, it was only a matter of time."

"Yea, I guess you're right. Plus Naruto has always been so smitten with Sakura."

Naruto and Sakura have been dating now for about two and a half years, and Hinata, as well as everybody else in the village just received the news about their recent engagement and that they have a date for their wedding. It is just a short three months away. Of course everyone is in such a buzz about the news, I mean is is not everyday that two heros and disciples of two of the legendary Sannin are set to get married to each other. Hinata shouldn't feel so shocked by this revelation though, it seems so soon. With the rebuild of the village going on, and Kakashi Hatake in the process of taking over as the next Hokage. A prestigious wedding going on as well seems like a lot all at once. But then again who would care about her opinion? She is just the ex-heiress to the great Hyuga Clan's main branch family who was cast away at the age of nine to only be replaced by her younger five year old sister.

Now she just tries to busy her day with teaching the youth of the village so that she can at least feel like she is a productive member of the village. After classes she goes to her favorite training spots until she is so tired and sore that she can barely make it back to her tiny apartment on the edge of town. She lives just outside of the old Uchiha compound. Since it was on the out skits of the village, it remained mostly untouched from the assault by Pain. Since the Uchiha clan was wiped out, and Sasuke has been away from the village, no one else resides nearby, and Hinata enjoys the quiet. She could have remained in her own family's home but she wasn't going to live under the same roof as a father that only shows her how disappointed he is in her every time he looks at her, and watch her younger sister take on the role that Hinata was suppose to be born into.

The newer parts of the village have been updated with new technologies and always seem to be loud, bright, and bustling at all times of the day and night. Hinata prefered the peace and quiet of her apartment. So she returns home every night to shower and pass out on her small bed for a few hours before she has to get up and do it all again. Except on the weekends when she usually visits with her former Sensei, Kurenai and her and the late Asuma Sensei's daughter Mirai. Kurenai is the closest thing to a parent that Hinata has known and her Sensei knows Hinata well enough to just let her visit some days without saying anything at all to each other.

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