32: Nightmare

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The alarms are blaring. Everyone is reaching for the weapons on their person or whatever is closest to them.

"What is happening?" Everyone is alert.

"Stop them!" A superior shouts. "Stop them! They musn't get away!"

I join everyone in the running. To fight whoever it is that we have to stop.

"Who is here?" One of my comrades asks another. After hearing the reply that I missed, the first comrade laughs loudly. "Ha! A chance to kill the iconic bastards!"

"Indeed! How lucky we are!"

Iconic bastards? It must be them! The ones who keep stopping us. The ones who are always getting in the way. A chance to kill them, you say? How lucky, indeed. I will kill them. One. At least one. That is all it takes.

"There is an extra! An unknown!"

"What do you mean?" Is the urgent question.

"There is an unknown! He is accompanying them!"

"An ally?"

"For them, or for us?"

"If we can capture him, for us!"


We keep running, until a superior spreads the word and we change our direction. To the hangar. With all of us going there? Less chance to be the one to deal a final blow, but they will not escape. This is our win. Victory is swift approaching.

We join the others in the hangar, a vast open space with walls on three sides. Just as we are catching our breath the 'heroes' burst out of a hallway. There they are, trying to defend themselves against all of us.

With their weapons, they stand no chance. I am surprised to see the unknown in the front of their group. What can he do that would warrant him that place? He holds no weapon, and his body appears lean.

Then a wave of water crashes through, sending many of my comrades sprawling. Instead of pooling across the floor like water would normally do, it forms a wall and continues pushing back my comrades, clearing a path. The unknown can manipulate water.

"He can control the water!"

"Where is he getting it from?"

"The pipes are broken!"

The unknown falls behind the group, but his waves continue thrashing my comrades. "Stop the unknown!" Becomes the cry, for as much as we want the Avengers to fall, this unknown is a bigger problem at the moment.

We follow the cry, and charge for him. The unknown's fighting changes from defending the Avengers to attacking us. The water forms a hurricane around him. He draws a sword from somewhere, and our ranks are decimated by the hurricane that he is.

Our battle cry becomes desperate as we hope to avenge our fallen comrades. None can seem to land a hit on him. The water abosrbs the bullets, sends them off course. We can't get close enough to attack him with melee. He is a monster.

He seems to be yelling something, but not to us. I don't understand the language, but I have a feeling that it means 'go.' What is he talking about? I spare a second to turn behind me, and see a quinjet ready to leave the hangar, Avengers on board.

The unknown's hurricane deminishes, and we begin to believe that he has grown weary. He slams his blade into the ground, and the world begins to quake. Everything is cracking and crumbling. My comrades scream as the debri falls, trapping them. The last thing I see is the unknown before my word goes dark.

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