Chapter Seven: Mission

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Chapter Seven: Mission

The group took the news of a new member of Axis Squadron rather well. Lara was happy to see that Marketh had no fangs, so she made no objections to him joining. Lucia wasn’t about to object to another attractive guy on the team. Kira and Cole didn’t care. At least, Cole had a sparring partner during down time. After Marketh was orientated with the group, Leo and Lucia agreed to return to the jet and radio command that they had succeeded in their mission, then wait in the castle until they were given a new mission. The two walked out the front door just in time to see several motorcycles ramp off the other side of the broken bridge and land perfectly on the other section of the bridge. Hearing their motors, Marketh gave an exasperated sigh.

“These guys again.”

Cole smiled at the applications of his annoyance.

“Am I allowed to kill them?” He asked.

“Please,” Vlad responded. Cole smiled a whole new smile. This smile was psychotic. Cole cracked his neck right as three motorcycles arrived in the courtyard. Each bike held two riders, in matching orange and grey jumpsuits and helmets. The riders on back held Uzi submachine guns. Before they had a chance to aim, Cole lit his hands on fire.

“Lass uns spielen” He said. Let’s play. He threw a ball of fire towards the one motorcycle, hitting it’s gas tank, causing it to explode, immediately killing the riders. Cole then flew towards the closest bike to him and send his still flaming fist through the driver’s helmet, throwing him and his fellow rider off of the bike and towards the other one. Either the third gunner forgot he was holding a gun or was too stunned to use it, because Cole had enough time to pick up the motorcycle he had just vacated and throw it directly at the riders of the third bike, sending them onto the cobblestone. Cole then summoned another fireball and placed it in the driver’s broken helmet. He walked to the other rider, knelt down, and snapped his neck. His eyes then locked on the other remaining two. One had moved from under the motorcycle and was attempting to retrieve the SMG from his comrade. Cole got their before his could retrieve it. Cole punched the man in the jaw, an audible crack echoing through the courtyard. He followed up his punch with another punch in the stomach, causing the man to stumble back, Cole then looked down, to the knocked out man on the ground and to the submachine gun he was holding. He reached down and took it from him. He then fired fire shots into the man’s faceplate. Cole then aimed the Uzi at the final man, who had fallen against the wall surrounding the courtyard. He emptied the remaining clip of twenty five rounds into the man. The man collapsed onto the floor. Cole dropped the Uzi and turned back to the group, a slightly more sane smile on his face.

“That was fun,” he said, walking back into the house.

“Well, I hate to admit it, but that was impressive,” Marketh said.

Leo cleared his throat.

“Well, lets go, Lucia,” Leo said, putting an arm around Lucia and leading her out of the castle. Once outside, Lucia created a darkness disk and the two flew off towards the jet. Lara watched them fly away.

“So what should we do now?” she asked.

“I guess we wait,” Riku said.

“Well then,” Marketh said. “Feel free to make yourselves at home. Would anyone like something to drink?”

The way he said drink with his accent made Lara shiver. Lucky for her, no one noticed.

“Got any beer?” Cole asked.

“I do,” he said as he began to walk down the opposite hallway.

“Make that two?” Lara called in a small voice.

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