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Cole flew over the warehouse rooftop, scanning for anyone who could pose a threat. Once he saw that it was secure, flew to Kira and brought her to the roof. They found a door leading to the top floor and broke in, disappearing into the building. On the middle floor, Vlad lept through a window, the crash echoing through the floor. He drew Genocidic, ready for whatever tried to stop him. On the bottom floor, Lucia covered a lock and manipulated the resulting shadow into a lock. The door fell open. Lucia entered the building with her handgun, Snake Eater, drawn, followed by Leo with his handgun drawn.

"What a place for these guys to be hiding." he said as they crept through a hallway, leading to a large double door.

"What are they even trying to make here?"
Lucia shrugged.

"Maybe they're trying to hide."
"That worked out well." Leo said as the two entered through the double doors. Upon entering, they saw several bodies lying scattered throughout the room. From what they both could tell, there was no sign of gunfire or regular fire.

"Did Vlad get here first?" Leo asked as he looked for signs of their Romanian friend. After a second, he found Vlad as he dropped onto his feet from the second floor. From the third floor above, Cole flew down with Kira on his back.

"Looks like someone beat us here..." Leo said, scanning around.

From their front, a metal double door burst open, a body flying backwards out of it. From the door walked out a teenage looking girl with a black jacket and jeans. She took a step towards the body and stomped down on it's neck. She then cracked her knuckles and looked towards the squad.

"Axis Squad..." she said. Cole took a step towards her as she let her hands drop to her sides.

"I would like to apologize for my brothers..." she began.

"Brothers?" Leo asked. Lucia elbowed him in the side.

"Gideon lead my brothers to their deaths. They committed the crime and you made them pay. I don't hold that against you."
She picked up the body she had sent through the wall and lifted it up by it's arms and ripped each of them off as if they were nothing.

"And these are the guys who corrupted Gideon."
Vlad took a step forward.

"And you intend to fight them, don't you."

The girl smiled.

"Of course. And from what I can tell, that's your job, isn't it."
"Them and any other infected people who cause trouble." Leo said. The girl looked from Vlad to Leo.

"I'd like to help. To atone for my brother's mistake."

Vlad turned to Leo.

"What's the protocol for accepting new members."
"How am I supposed to know?"
"You recruited me."
"Oh, that. You said you'd join us, so you joined us."
"She is related to the guys we just killed." Kira cut in. "Should we trust her."
Vlad turned around and looked at the girl. He could see an 8-bit skull T-shirt under her jacket. She had short, black hair and piercing blue eyes. As he looked at her eyes, her eyes met his. He immediately turned back.

"I say we let her join."

Leo tried to suppress a laugh.

"She seems tough. She could be useful as a shield if nothing else." Cole said. Kira nodded at his suggestion. Lucia looked over at her.

"She killed all of these guys. She'll fit in with you two at least." she said as she looked to Vlad and Cole. Vlad then looked over to the girl, who immediately met his gaze.

"You're in." he called to her. She smiled and approached the group.
"So, it looks like we're done here." she said. "That guy was the leader." she motioned towards the body who's arms she had ripped off. She then began walking towards the door Leo and Lucia had entered in.

"What's your name?" Vlad asked as the group turned and began to walk out.

"I'm Roxy." she said as she smiled at him.

"I'm Vlad." he responded.

"I'm Leo." Leo called from behind them as he introduced the rest of the squad and returned to the jet.

Five minutes later, Vlad, Roxy, and Lucia was sitting at a table across from Cole and Kira. Leo scrolled through his tablet.
"So, Roxy, you're uniform will be in after our next mission."
She nodded to him.

"As for our next mission, we're going to some village to investigate a thing."
Lucia stared at the tablet.

"Any other information."

He began scrolling through the tablet.

"Something about everyone disappearing."
He continued scrolling.

"Something about a metahuman suspected as being the cause."
He continued scrolling.

"And something about us getting it done. Any other questions."
Roxy raised her hand.

"Are we allowed to kill the person responsible?" she asked.

"If they are a threat, yes we are." Leo responded, while mentally adding her to the list of people to not annoy, which now consisted of the entire squad.

"Any other questions?"

The group remained silent.
"Then let's head out."
Leo turned and walked to the cockpit, with Lucia following him. As he began punching in the coordinates for the mission, Lucia laughed.

"Look's like Vlad and Roxy get along." she said.

Leo laughed as the jet took off. "Sure looks that way."

"Do you trust her?"

"I don't distrust her." Leo said as he got up from the group.

"I'd offer to keep an eye on her, but I'm guessing Vlad will have that covered."
Lucia sighed. "I guess you're right." She put her hand on Algolic, the sword Riku had threw to her before he left.

"I'm guessing Riku will have something to say when he gets back."

"Hey, depending on how she does on the mission, he might trust her too."
Lucia sat back as the jet took off for their destination.

Leo looked back to see Roxy laughing. He guessed it was something Vlad said. He then turned forward and watched as they shot through the air.
"We'll be there in about an hour." He called back to the rest of the group. He put his feet up and closed his eyes. The next mission is a simple investigation and possible assassination, he thought. How hard can that be?

The Axis Squad will return in The Axis Project: Nightmare

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