Chapter Eight: Colossus

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Chapter Eight: Colossus

Riku was woken up by a hand on his shoulder. He thought he had only closed his eyes for a second. When he opened his eyes, Cole and Kira had disappeared from the jet. Lucia and Lara stood on a black disk, which began levitating out of the jet. Vlad looked ready to follow. Leo was shaking his shoulder. A second after Riku’s eyes opened, he was on his feet.

“What’s happening?” He asked.

“We’re in Athens.” Marketh said, his romanian accent showing clearly.

Leo then spoke. “Cole flew off to engage the target. Kira disappeared from the ship. We’re about to follow. Ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be to murder someone,”

“That’s the spirit,” Marketh laughed as he jumped from the jet.

“I don’t think he understands sarcasm,” Leo said as he watched the teen jump from the jet.

“Was he wearing a parachute?”

Leo shrugged.

“Do we have any parachutes.”

Leo shrugged again.

“So, we’re both sitting this one out.”

Leo sighed, sat across from Riku and banged his head against the table.

“I’ll see if we can get dropped closer.” Riku said, as he got up from the table.

“We might be able to avoid violence on this one.”

“As long as Cole’s down there, I doubt it,” Leo sighed.

Not too far below the jet. Cole levitated, scouting the area. He was looking for several things. Fires, helicopters, bodies, anything that could tell him where the target stood. He grinned as he spotted a group of helicopters surrounding what he guessed was a mall, about a kilometer from his position. Cole made out a figure on top of it. He cracked his knuckles.

“Ziel erworbene,” he said. Target acquired. With a burst of fire, he shot himself towards the target. Within seconds, he was close enough to make out Leo’s description of the target. Grey turtleneck, black slacks. In addition to the fact that that he was surrounded by helicopters, he knew that the figure was his target. He continued his approach, readying his fist. As Cole reached his target, he slammed the fist into the back of his head. For a second, the sound of the helicopters was drowned out by the sound of a loud crack.Cole grabbed his hand as he fell in front of the target. He knew it before he felt the pain. His right hand was broken. He combat rolled forward and stood.

“Is that how you say hello?” the teen behind him asked.

Cole quickly turned, a fireball in his hand, and threw it at the subject’s head. The flame hit it’s mark, but instantly dissipated. Cole growled and cracked his broken hand into a position that his brother had taught him, allowing him to ignore the pain.

“It’s not too late to run,” the subject said. Cole took a step towards him and sent his left fist into the teen’s nose. Cole felt his middle finger crack, but didn’t give it any mind, as the teen stumbled back. Cole popped his finger back into place and took another step to make another shot. However, the teen had recovered and blocked the punch with his own fist. Cole was able to slow down his attack enough to push himself back on the teen’s fist, gaining a small amount of distance. He gritted his teeth together.

Above him, Marketh was plummeting to Earth. From his position, he could barely make out Cole facing the target. From his robes, he drew a small knife and made a medium sized incision on his back. As he began bleeding, the blood began to spread across his back. In one swift motion, Marketh forces the blood hardens, forming into a pair on long wings and sealing his wound.. While he was unable to make them strong enough to fly, he was able to slow down and glide closer to his target. After reaching a point a few yards above the target, Marketh liquified the wings, causing him to once again plummet, fist first towards his target. Within seconds, he reached his target. The force of the blow sent the rogue teen headfirst into the roof. Cole growled.

“Back off, vampire.” he said, taking a step towards the downed teen. “I can handle this.”

Marketh sighed. “I’m sure that if someone as capable as yourself could handle this alone,” he responded as he took a step towards the downed teen, “you would have already.”

The teen took his opportunity to attack. He rose, bringing his fist to Cole’s chin. The uppercut lifted him off his feed and onto the ground. Marketh saw that the hit drew blood and quickly took control of it, forming the drops into needles. Before he could use them, he saw the teen began to turn. Marketh smiled. He knew he was faster. Before the teen had even turned, Marketh was in front of him, with his hands at the teen’s throat. He lifted the teen off the ground.

“Looks like they weren't exaggerating when they said you had rock skin.” Marketh said. “It’s even rough to the touch. It’s like you became a golem when you were infected.”

The teen smiled.

“A golem...” he said. “sounds about right.”

Faster than Marketh expected, the teen drew his fist back and sent it into Marketh’s face. The hit was able to draw blood. As he let go of the teen, Marketh formed his blood into needles, sending them into the teen’s face. He did the same with the Cole’s blood. Both hit at the same time, yet shattered on impact. Marketh gritted his teeth as he sealed his wound.

“I like that quite a bit, actually. You can call me Golem. In fact, call me Colossus Golem” the teen said. “The hothead on the ground called you a vampire? Shall I address you as that for the remainder of our duel?"

Marketh responded with his fist. As Golem stumbled backwards, Marketh cracked his neck.

“You can call me Vlad,” he said.

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