Chapter Sixteen: Exchange

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Kyle was practically hanging off of the rooftop. The two teens who faced him exchanged a glance. In that second they took their eyes off of Jimmy, he had long knife in his hand and was halfway to Cole. Before he could close the distance, however, Vlad was in front of him. Before Jimmy could react, Vlad took the knife from him and kneed him in the crotch hard enough to send him back several feet. Vlad spun the knife in his hand.

“Hey Cole,” he said, laughing to himself. “Check this out. I saw this in a video game once.”

Jimmy tried and failed to stand, ending up on his knees, almost keeling over in pain. Vlad walked up to him and stabbed the knife through his neck, just far enough to the right to avoid Jimmy’s spinal cord. Vlad then grabbed the blade and quickly twisted it, snapping Jimmy’s neck. Vlad took a step backwards, then sent his back foot full force into Jimmy’s face. Kyle had just enough time to sidestep before Jimmy’s body flew over the edge. Vlad turned to see Cole’s reaction. The German was trying not to smile.

“You need to show me that game.” He laughed.

Kyle attempted to back up again. His foot collided with the edge, throwing him off balance. He began to fall backwards, into the street. He would have fallen, if Vlad had not been faster.

“And where do you think YOU are going?” he said as he grabbed the front of Kyle’s shirt. Cole then noticed a female tied to a chair, lying on the ground with her eyes and mouth covered. He knelt next to her and removed coverings.

“Lara.” he said. He then noticed something. He put has hand to her face. Her skin was soft and felt like skin. He tore the bindings on her arms and picked her up. She felt lighter.

“She’s cured.” Cole realized.

“What was that?” Vlad asked, looking over.

“Her skin isn’t made of metal anymore. She’s cured.”
Vlad then looked to Kyle, who he had suspended off the side of the building.
“How did this happen?” Vlad asked, staring down Kyle. The teen remained silent. Vlad felt a hand on his shoulder. Vlad turned to see older Kira, with Ranto and Jaeger behind him.

“Give him.” She said. “We’ll question him at the jet.”


As opposed to handcuffing Kyle or tying him to something, Kyle stood in the center of a jet with three giant wooden puppets holding him in place, one holding a dagger to his throat and one holding a handgun to his head.

Kira was amazed that someone so screwed could be as calm as he was. Riku paced in front of him with Leo at his side.

“How did you cure her?” Riku asked.

No response.

“You know, we’ll let you go unharmed if you tell us.” Leo said, attempting to push his power into his voice. Kyle did not respond.

“Come on Leo, I can tell that was a lie and I’m concussed.” Lucia said from her spot.

Cole walked over to Kyle, then looked at Leo.

“You can’t be nice with this.” he growled. He turned to Kyle. “Watch and learn.” he said as he sent his fist into Kyle’s chest.

“Tell us what you did to the girl.” he growled. He could tell that he knocked the wind out of the teen, but he still refused to speak. Somewhere in the front of the jet, a chiming sound went off.

“I got it.” Leo said as he walked to the front of the jet. Cole continued pounding Kyle until he began to draw blood. Riku would have stopped him, if he had not wanted to do the exact same thing. Before long, Cole gave up.

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