Chapter Eleven: Wings

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Chapter Eleven: Wings

Kira and Lara stood guard in the jet. They were not guarding anyone from coming in to the jet, but we instead making sure that Cole stayed asleep and inside the jet. Meanwhile, Lucia, Riku, Leo, and Vlad stood outside the jet, on a rooftop. The sun was shining brightly, nearly blinding to Vlad, a man used to spending his days in a dark castle. Lucia attempted to form a small ball with her power, but the ball fizzed and dissipated as soon as it appeared.

“This is useless,” she sighed. “It’s too bright out here. I can’t use my powers,”

Vlad looked to her, or more specifically half looked at her and half looked at the ground while shading his eyes. He then looked to Riku.

“Are you sure you don’t want to just let our fiery friend kill this guy?” He asked Riku, facing his general direction.

“None of us can fly to reach him. Hell, I can’t even see out here.”

“Well,” Leo said as he walked up to Vlad and patted his shoulder. “At least your not catching fire,”

Vlad remained silent for a moment, looking around, before he spoke again.

“Wait, was that a vampire joke?”

“Team, let’s focus.” Riku cut in. “If we can capture this guy, we might be able to make peace with peace and not with fear.”
“Don’t doubt the effectiveness of fear, my friend,” Vlad half said, half laughed. “A few men ripped in half works wonders for disencouraging further violence.”

“I can’t deny that,” Riku admitted. “But we should never resort to that.” his eye caught a large cathedral a few blocks away. He looked at the whole group.

“If it is in our power, this target remains alive. Our last targets survived because there was no way we could find to kill them. This one will remain alive because we fight for peace, not control.”

Leo looked at him quizzically, wondering where he got the control thing from. Leo turned back to the streets and continued searching. According to the files he had read, their Belgian member was found dead in an alley two blocks away from their current location and two stores had been robbed within four blocks the body’s location. Statistically, this was their best lookout spot, without camping on top of the cathedral spire.

“So, hypothetically,” Lucia said, speaking up after a few minutes of silence, “How are we even going to fight this guy. Cole’s the only one of us who can fly in this light. How do we catch him.”

“Well, if it weren’t so bright, I would throw rocks at him until he fell down, then we could catch him.” Vlad said, almost completely covering his eyes. “But I think we are out of luck in that regard, unless the sun decides to stop tormenting me.”

“Riku, any ideas?” She asked again.

Riku, who had remained silent through Vlad’s speech, had his face covered his his hands and was sighing loudly.

“I forgot about that part.” he admitted.

After a half an hour of no sign of the target, the group had a small meeting. They first chose to nickname the target Tengu, after the bird-like creatures of Japanese folklore. Leo suggested the name Wing Dude, but the name was shot down immediately for, as Riku put it, too casual and as Lucia put it, stupid. The group then decided to split up into two groups. A block from the jet, Vlad and Riku left a small convenience store.

“These should help,” Vlad said as he snapped the tag off of a pair of sunglasses and put the pair on. He looked around and could actually see his surroundings.

“I look like a pula in these, but at least I can see,” he said as he scanned the area.

“Nice place.”

His eyes locked on a large spire a few blocks away.

“That must be the Cathedral. Lovely places, those prayers. Everytime I walk in one, I know that I’m still not a vampire.”

Riku peered at the Cathedral for a moment.

“We could get a good view from the top of the spire.” He thought out loud, taking a step towards it.

“Or we could slip and impale ourselves.” The romanian responded. “Best be safe in our search.”
Riku sighed.

“Point taken. You can see now, lets keep searching,”

In an alley next to the building where the jet was, Lucia stood facing the wall. She found a small area where the jet’s shadow gave her shade. In her hands, she made a small ball of darkness. She smiled at her creation. She turned and threw it towards the wall behind her. It flew a few feet, but as it left the shadow, it fizzled out, disappearing before it hit the wall. Leo stood nearby, pulling a handgun from the holdster he equipped to his side before leaving the building.. He aimed it at the nearby wall, posing with his legs spread apart, one hand behind him and the handgun extended as far from his body as he could. He then pulled the handgun towards him, gripping the weapon with both hands, he held it close, bringing his legs together and crouching down, appearing smaller. As he prepared another pose, Lucia looked over.

“What are you even doing?” She asked, embarrassed by the fact that she even knew him.

“What are you even doing?” He responded, holstering his handgun and standing up straight.

Lucia sighed and began walking out of the alley, wondering how she got grouped with him.

“This group sighs a lot,” He said as he jogged after her. As Lucia left the alley, a gunshot echoed throughout the street, following by the sound of glass shattering. Lucia ran towards the sound, while Leo followed behind, hand on his gun. Glass covered the sidewalk next to a store on the other side of the alleyway. Lucia approached the building. From the window, someone immerged. The figure had long, silvery wings. He looked about eighteen. In his hand, he held a shopping bag, which looked heavy. Money, Leo guessed.

“Wing dude!” He shouted. He pulled his gun and fired three at the target. The first two shots missed the target completely. The second one grazed the side of the bag the target was folding. The bag split open, spilling out several piles of euro bills. Leo backed up.

“Learn to shoot before you try that again,” Lucia said, backing up as well. The target looked in anger as his loot floated away. He dropped the bag and looked towards Leo. He slowly pointed his figure at Leo. He spoke with a thick Russian accent.

“You... dead...”

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