Chapter Eighteen: Firebomb

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Kira, with her entourage of puppets, followed closely behind Cole. She vaguely recalled an order for the two to wait for Leo's call to charge in, but it seems that Cole didn't intend to keep it, if he had even heard it. Kira looked to her sides, Ranto with his black machete ran at her left, while Jaeger and his blades ran at her right. Behind her, Blitzkrieg in his riot armor followed. As she followed Cole down the steel-gray stairwell, the question of why her puppet was wearing riot armor and she wasn't.

The question left her mind as soon as she heard the sound of a metal door being kicked open. Kira quickly found a metal door with a large dent in it, along with melted hinges. The sound of gunfire erupted from the room ahead."Time to go to work." Kire said softly. Her puppets surged forward. Kira followed.Cole's fist hit the first guard's jaw, causing a loud crack to drown out the gunfire for a moment. As the guard went down, Cole turned to the two guards behind him. Before Cole could step towards them, the two fell, knives jutting out of their necks. Cole turned his head."Kira." he said. He walked the short distance to her. It amazed him that the same girl who looked so young mere days ago had changed so much into this. Cole smiled to himself as he neared her. She was his type. She wrapped her arms around him."My puppets could handle this." she said, her voice still small despite her physical change.

Cole put an arm around her and began walking with her to the other side of the room, to another metal door."But that would take out the fun." he said. "This is much more personal."Kira smiled her small smile."You're right." Kira let go of him and walked towards the door, her puppets going in front of her with Ranto in front, hacking the hinges off of the door."I'll keep you covered."Cole walked next to Kira and leaned in, planting a quick kiss on her cheek."Let's make this quick."The door fell forward, the puppets quickly entering the room after it. Cole cracked his knuckles and followed, with Kira behind him. Cole's eyes immediately locked on a teen in a white trenchcoat standing on a raised platform facing them. The teen turned, his gaze meeting Cole's.

The teen smiled."So you're the..." was all he was able to get out before Cole's fist had reached his jaw. His other fist immediately met the side of the teens head, sending him off the platform. The sound of microphone feedback filled the room."Subject 3-02, do you not remember any of your training?!" An angry voice asked. "When a hostile enters the room, you attack, you do NOT act like Bond villain."

The room was silent for a long moment."Get up!" The voice yelled.The silence remained. Cole looked around the room, which was completely empty save the platform in the center and the body of the teen in the trenchcoat. Kira soon spotted at door at the end at the end of the room. Her puppets surged towards the door, followed by Cole and Kira.A loud sigh rang out through the room."3-01. Did you hear my order. Attack when they enter."The puppets tore apart the hinges as Cole walked forward and kicked the door forward. "3-01?" the voice asked, almost in amazement. Cole quickly scanned the room. It was identical to the last room. As Cole entered the room, he discovered that the room was identical to the last detail, down to the unconscious teen in a white trenchcoat lying next to the platform. An audible slap echoed through the room, which Kira recognized as a facepalm. "What a shame." Cole sighed.

With the following sigh from the voice, Kira could tell that he could tell that Cole was being sincere. The five moved on the the door at the end of the room, with the puppets already ripping the hinges off of the door."Well, if you want something done right..." The voice said. The sound of audio feedback fades as Cole kicked down the door. The view Cole met reminded him of the inside of a hanger bay, except there were no fighter jets ready for takeoff and no window from where the hypothetical jets could leave. Instead, the path led onto a scaffolding which gave an overlook of the empty hanger, filled mostly with other scaffoldings. Scattered equipment were the only thing which filled the bottom level.

Other than those objects, the room was bare. From the opposite side of the scaffolding, "Welcome." the voice echoed. The same voice from before. He wore a similar white trenchcoat that the other two wore, only his was shinier. Almost as if it was... silver. "Are you of the Silver brothers?" Kira asked from behind Cole. The teen smiled."I see our reputation precedes us." he responded with a devious smile."Your brother proceeds you." Kira responded. Cole pointed behind him at Kira with his thumb and smiled."She killed him." He then pointed towards the Silver in front of him. "I'm going to kill you."

He then pointed upwards. "And our team is going to kill the rest of your line." Cole cracked his neck, then his knuckles."Have fun with that thought while we're ending your dumb plan and I'm beating you into the floor."Kira put her hand on his back and leaned close to him."We're going to find the bomb and defuse it. If you need help, just call.""Don't worry about me. Just worry about getting hit with his splattered blood."Cole turned, partially wondering if there was a more direct way of saying that. He knew that as soon as he turned, Kira and her entourage disappeared."Now, where we..."

Cole managed to get out before Silver's fist met his jaw."I just ignored the advice I gave to 3-02. Attack first, introductions later." he said. Faster than Cole could see, he landed three more hits on Cole's chest, before landing an uppercut, sending Cole staggering back several feet."You didn't ask, but I'm Todd Silver, the knight of the Silver Family. I'm the one who's going to kill you. She killed Kyle, the weakest of our brothers." He cracked his knuckles and began walking towards Cole, who was barely recovered from the round of punches. "I'm going to kill her when I'm done with you." Todd surged forward, almost faster than Cole could see, and swung his first at Cole's head. His fist collided with Cole's. "So you're fast." he said, before bringing his other fist to Todd's head. "I've fought faster."

Silver stumbled backwards and Cole rushed forward, punching him in the head again. Todd quickly recovered and spun backwards, reaching into his coat. He wrapped his hand around something and quickly pulled it out of his jacket. As the small-caliber handgun was revealed, it was engulfed in a fireball. Todd dropped it as the metal quickly melted together into a useless clump of searing metal."Looks like my quickdraw is faster than yours." Cole said as he levitated off his feet and fired himself towards Todd. The teen quickly ducked and rushed under Cole.

Before he could attack, Cole flew upwards several feet before dropping himself directly onto Todd's head, knocking him to the ground, with a small crack sounding through the walkway."You were talking so big earlier." Cole said, gripping the back of Todd's neck. He wrapped his entire arm around his neck and began to squeeze."Something about a being a knight and killing my and my girl." Cole chuckled softly. "Not happening."The center of Cole's chest began to glow a dark orange color. "You aren't even struggling." Cole laughed. "It's nice to see someone accept their fate for once. Maybe if you took your own advice and shot first, you wouldn't have to."Cole exploded in a bright blast, mostly consisting of fire. Kira, several walkways below."What was that?" Leo's voice asked from Kira's earpiece. Kira chuckled softly, softly enough that Leo couldn't hear her."A firebomb." she responded."Oh.... kay. Well, do you see a series of multi-colored wires?"


"Sever all of them except for the red and green wires..."The scaffolding began to melt into itself, dripping hot molten metal onto the walkways below it. Several bits of metal, along with Todd, were completely vaporized. Small bits of seemingly burning light began returning to the space between the two melting walkway paths. Before long, Cole reformed, smiling."Why don't I do that more? It's so much fun."

He then flew downward towards Kira and her puppets."And boom..." Leo said, before pausing awkwardly. "Worst thing I could have said there. What I meant was, the bomb is defused. We're good."Kira looked to Ranto and Jaeger, who had just defused the bomb. She then turned to Cole and embraced him."That was boring." she said softly. Cole wrapped an arm around her."I get to fight the head guard next time." she said. Cole chuckled softly."Sure. Why not."Kira then looked up, towards the sky, where Riku and Vlad were no doubt having a very fun time, fighting the potential army in the floating fortress."We can still make it up ther..." Kira began until Cole silenced her with a kiss."It's break time." he said. "Let's not go straight back to work."

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