Chapter Thirteen: AAW

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Leo looked around frantically. He wasn’t in the alley, he wasn’t in the jet. He soon recognized the area. It looked like a dojo. That’s what it was, he realized. He recognized it from an anime Lucia had made him watch once. His heart skipped a beat.

“Lucia!” he shouted.

“She’s not dead,” A voice someone said behind him. Leo turned quickly to see who was talking. Riku stood behind him in a kimono, holding a tray with two cups on it.

“Wait, wha...” Leo paused. His mind quickly cleared. The facts assembled in his head. Lucia was alive, he is asleep, Lucia was alive, Riku pulled him into a dream, Lucia was alive, and most importantly, Lucia was alive. Leo breathed in deeply.

“We’re in a dream.” he said. He fake yawned and regained his composure. “What happened anyways?”
“Before or after you tried to kill the target and passed out?” Riku said, making a fist with his hand. His anger quickly faded.

“I don’t blame you for it.” he said. “He wasn’t worth taking alive. It’s kind of a shame.” the last sentence came out smaller then the rest of the sentence, as if Riku didn’t fully want to say it.  

“And why is that?” Leo asked. Riku quickly turned, putting the tea down on a nearby table, mainly to hide the small blush that was forming on his face.
“Anyways, we’re on the jet right now.” Riku continued. “You have no injuries, other than a few scratches you got from faceplanting into the concrete.”
“And Lucia?”

“Asleep next to you in the jet. She has a concussion and a few scars, but she’ll be fine. She won’t be fighting for a while, though.”
Leo looked at the floor.

“And the target?”

Riku sighed loudly.
“Cole woke up.”


After waking up with older Kira next to him and Lara nearby, Cole didn’t find it hard to escape Riku’s trap. Lara was easily sweet talked, but Kira took a... little more convincing. Or a lot, if Cole or Kira told the story. Cole cracked his neck as he exited the jet. He couldn’t remember if he lost his jacket in France or Romania, but he knew it was gone by the time they got to Greece. His shirt was missing, but he guessed that was simply Kira’s doing. As stood on the roof and entered the near blinding sunlight, his cheek almost got cut by a quickly expanding wingspan of the target.
“Lucky me,” Cole said aloud as he jumped off the building, entering the air in quite literal hot pursuit. The winged man, with his full wingspan free, was quickly gaining speed. Cole compensated for it, pushing fire from his hands to accelerate faster. Cole rapidly closed the distance and grabbed onto the target’s foot. Cole quickly switched his momentum, flying downwards towards the street. The target wasn’t expecting Cole’s appearance and fell with Cole. The german smiled, then flew forwards again. His eyes locked on the Antwerp cathedral. Specifically, the long spire. He sped towards it, dragging the now alert target with him. Cole couldn’t see the wings, but felt one slash against his back. Cole laughed loudly as he increased his speed.

“Keep trying,” he shouted. “It’s no fun if you don’t struggle.”

He head the target growl behind him. He felt a hard foot kick him directly in his arse, following by another wing to the back.
“I thought those things would be sharp enough to do something to me.” Cole shouted back as he switched his momentum again, letting go of the target while flying upwards. He turned in time to watch the target fly directly into one of the spires. The target quickly composed himself and looked to his attacker, then upwards, as if debating his chances of escape. If he had thought he could escape, he thought so too late, as Cole was on him before he could move. Cole’s fist met the target’s jaw, then his stomach, his left cheek and lastly his right cheek, which sent him onto the cathedral rooftop. He pushed himself to his feet and tried to take flight, but Cole landed hard on back, between his wings.

“And I thought this would be a fight.” Cole said. He wrapped his hands around the wings and began to sent fire into them. He then began pulling, tearing the wings from his body. The target let out a shout of anguish, being conscious for his wing removal this time.

“Oh, I recognize that scream,” Cole said, laughing. “That’s a russian scream. Rare, but always entertaining to hear.” Cole stomped his foot higher than his previous hit, a spot where his spine was more exposed, without crushing his neck. He reached down and threw the target onto his back. The target tried to rise, to come up with some sort of counter attack, but couldn’t find the strength. Cole’s face went from amused to slightly bored.

“This is getting boring.” he said. “A curb-stomp battle isn’t something I enjoy as much as I’d like to.” he took hold of the target by his blood soaked shirt.”
“Time to get paid,” Cole said as he levitated higher, above the cathedral, a few meters directly above the largest spire.

“I better get paid,” he half said, half growled. He dropped the Russian, who didn’t have the strength or willpower to regrow his wings again or even try to move. His senses were dull, but he could still feel the sharp tip of the spire pierce his back, driving him completely through. His vision was blurred, but he recognized that the spire was now completely red. His vision faded. Cole watched as the body fell to the end of the spire.
“Not made of rock, not going to survive,” he said as he turned and floated calmly back to the jet.

“Kira saw most of it.” Riku said, taking a sip of tea. Leo had drank his already as he sat, thinking about what had happened.

“I think she mentioned something about how her other form wouldn’t have delayed Cole’s attack nearly as long, whatever that means.”
Leo’s mind returned, immediately understanding what she meant.

“Well, I guess however many murders and almost killing one of us warrants a death penalty.” Riku sighed.

“So far, our orders are to stay put. Apparently, we have supplies en route to our position. Cole, Vlad, and Kira went to find a bar somewhere, Lara is looking after Lucia, and we are here talking.”

Leo stood.
“Anything else?”
“The body was taken away and the cathedral was thoroughly washed.”

“OK. Wake us up, Riku. I need to talk to Lucia,”

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