16: His Mom. My Sister. Our Family

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He nods. "Why'd you tell them?"

"Because I kinda controlled some water and summoned a ship."

He blinks at me. "You summoned a ship?" Is the monotone question.

I gesture at the Okeano Spiti. He nods. "Impressive."

"Neeks, that's why I called you."

"Don't call me that." He says, grumpily. "Why did you call me about a ship?"

"Because. After I summoned it, It took a lot out of me, and my dad showed up." I say.

"Poseidon showed up?" Nico interrupts.

"Yeah, he did. He healed me. Look, Nico. He said something..." I say nervously.

"What?" Nico's voice holds some worry.

"He said the Okeano Spiti was still in your father's domain."

I don't know if it's possible for Nico to look any more pale, but he did. "Are you sure?"

"I quote 'Sunk. Dead'."

He looks around. His eyes widen. "Yeah. It's still 'dead'. You just mask the dead bit..."

"Nico..." I trail off. "What does this mean?"

He looks at me. "I don't know, Perce. We'll figure it out."

"Do you... Do you think Hades would get mad if we asked him?" I question.

Nico thinks for a minute. "I don't know. We don't need to figure it out immediately. I'll dig around."

"Thank you, Nico." I say, breathing a sigh of relief. Then I remember our last Iris Message to Chiron. "Didn't Chiron say he was calling a councelor's meeting?"

"We're waiting for Piper, Jason, Frank and Reyna." Nico says.

"Reyna? And Frank?" I ask.

"Yeah. He wants to include the roman Praetors." Nico explains.

"Oh. Okay." I stand up, and offer him a hand. "Tell me what you guys talk about. I gotta check up on things."

He nods, and walks back to the mast before the shadows swallow him up and take him back to camp.

Nico is going to help me figure this out. It's actually more comforting than Annabeth trying to ignore it. I'm not doubting Annabeth. It's just probably hard for her. I think my power scares her sometimes. It scares me too.

I wonder if they're still talking. Is that Fury guy buying the story? Or are we screwed? Probably the latter. But hey, there's the possibilty that he buys it and we're still screwed. Yay.

The sun is starting to set. I sit down, and watch. I yawn. It's been a long day. I guess even godly healing has it's limits some times.


That went well, all things considered. Thoroughly yelled at, check. Scolded like children, check. Successful? Check.

He bought the story, now we just have to hope it sticks. I think SHIELD will be looking for Sally and her husband. Knowing Fury, he'll immediately think Percy could be a security leak/threat. So getting him out of the Avenger's tower is in his best interest.

Lucky us. At least I'll have some good news to give to him. All I've done so far is let him down. Big shocker.

Annabeth is standing outside the doorway.

"Were you listening in?" Natasha inquires.

"Yep. Had to monitor what you were saying." The blonde replies.

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