"hey! give me back my letter chris!" she yelled out while she tried jumping up and reaching for the letter. except chris held his arm out even farther. he just looked back down at her with a smirk while trying to stop himself from laughing. 

"no thanks. but, i am curious who did you decide to write about?" chris smirked.

"chris! c'mon give it back to me! it's not funny anymore!" she pouted. she jumped up again trying to reach for the letter. chris just laughed as he started to become a bit bored.  

"aww is it about me, is that why you're so embarrassed? if that's so, then i love you too." chris winked. her cheeks started to become a bright red shade. she covered her face with her hand and looked down at the ground in embarrassment.  

"n-no, it's not about you." she mumbled in embarrassment. chris started laughing a bit harder when he bent down to meet her eye level. he slowly pulled her hands away from her face and was surprised when he saw her bright red face. 

"it's not? then how come your whole face is like a tomato? you do love me, don't you?" chris accused her while her cheeks started becoming a darker shade of red. 

"well yeah i love you." she chuckled awkwardly. chris blinked in confusion and he quickly started scratching his neck in embarrassment. he turned his head to the side and then slowly looked right back at her with a sheepish smile. 

"y-you do?" chris sheepishly smiled while he asked. she nodded her head.

"yeah. i mean i love you like in a fatherly daughter love." she smiled.

 "a fatherly daughter love?" chris blurted out. his smile turned into a tight frown as he tried forcing a fake smile on his face.

"yeah! hey, chris are you okay?" she asked. she tried to look at chris but instead he just turned his head. he gave her back her letter and started to walk away quickly.  she stopped chris before he could escaped.  

"chris, what's wrong?" she asked. 

"it's nothing. can you let me go now?" chris shrugged. she stared at chris confused as she felt her grip start to loosen from his arm. he started to turn himself around about to leave.

"chris do you like me?" she asked, shocked. he stayed quiet. she asked chris again and he started laughing softly to himself. she watched as he turned his head and gave her a sad smile. 

"god, this is really embarrassing. getting rejected before i can even confess my feelings and now having to actually say it. oh god, what'd i do wrong? i thought i did everything right." chris sighs.

"yeah, i like you. god, did you really not know that i did? i thought that it was pretty obvious too. i mean, i'm practically in love with you." chris confessed. 

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