14: A Rumour From The Pit

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"Oh I am so dead." I think aloud.

"What makes you say that?" Tony asks.

"I need to message camp. Do you have any drachma?" I ask Annabeth, frantically digging in my pockets. She tosses me one. "Thanks."

I make a mist and it forms a rainbow. "Oh Fleecey, do me a solid. Show me Chiron at Camp Halfblood." I say, and toss the drachma. I hear small gasps of surprise when the drachma disappears.

Chiron appears in the image. Que more gasps. "Chiron!" I say, catching his attention from the Hermes kid he was scolding. The kid takes the opportunity to make a break for it.

Our mentor turns to me surprised. "Percy! Are you alright? Annabeth?"

"Yeah, we're good, for now. Look, I've got a lot to explain." I say.

"Percy..." He sighs.

"Don't give me that look! It wasn't my fault! Not really, but that's besides the point. Anyhow, cut to the current situation, I'm on a ship that my Dad gave me with some mortals." I say hurriedly.

"Oh, Percy..."

"Okay, you can give me a dissapointed speech later." I say.

"Where is Annabeth?" Chiron asks.

She steps into view, not realizing he couldn't see her before. "What should we do? The mortals know that gods and monsters exist, and that we're demigods."

"Oh, children... How did they find out?" Chiron asks worriedly. I can picture his tail whishing behind him, though the image doesn't show anything lower than his waist. 

"That's the wierd thing. They already knew a god. Thor." I say.

"The Avengers." Chiron says, with a realization.

"The who now?" I say. 'The Avengers' sounds vaguely familiar. Where have I heard it before?

"You don't know who we are?" Tony pipes up. 

"I know your names." I frown at them.  "I mean, I've lived with you for like two weeks." 

"We're the Avengers. We saved the world from the aliens." Tony says.

"Good for you." I say absently.

They look a little insulted. Oops, not really sorry.

"Percy." Chiron says, returning my attention to him. 


"You said you were on a ship that Poseidon gave you?" Chiron reminds me.

"Oh! Yeah! It was for my birthday. So anyway, these guys work for a secret government agency called SHIELD. Big surprise, SHIELD thinks I'm a terrorist and wants to bring me in for questioning. Big surprise, the boss found out that I was there, and these guys bailed me out, but they're kinda looking for us." I prattle off.

Chiron blinks, processing the information. "So they're on our side?"

I turn to them, and they give hesitant nods. I look back to Chiron. "Yeah, they're with us."

"Okay, Percy. I'll call a counselor's meeting. For now, just stay safe."

"Yessir." I say.

"You too, Annabeth."

"We'll see you later, Chiron." Annabeth smiles, waving her hand through the mist, cancelling the connection.

"That went well." She says cheerfully.

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