13: Meeting The Sister's Ex

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They're all sitting down and looking at me expectantly. I internally groan. I'm so stupid. This is such a mess. I'm putting camp into danger. I'm not taking them to camp- no, definitely not. They're just hitchhiking to nowhere in particular.

"Alright, so can you start explaining things please Percy?" Bruce inquires, wringing his hands.

"Ugh. Yeah. So, please, just let me talk and don't freak out." I say.

"Before we start talking, are you involved with HYDRA?" Tony asks.

I groan. "Hydras suck."

Apparently that wasn't what they thought they'd hear, because  now they are looking at me with confused faces. "What do you mean, Percy?" Steve asks.

"I mean, hydras suck." I say. What are they expecting? 

"Hydras?" Bruce furrows an eyebrow.

"Yeah, the monsters with all the heads. What other hydras?" I ask, wondering myself.

"There's another secret-ish agency," Tony begins.

Natasha finishes, "It's the enemy of SHIELD. Started back in the fourties by a Nazi."

"Oh joy." I deadpan. Nazis. So needed those in my life, note the sarcasm. 

"So, I think we're safe to assume you aren't involved in HYDRA?" Steve says, though it's still kind of a question.

"Yeah." I confirm.

"Alright, now that that's settled, can you start explaining?" Tony asks.

"Okay. Just um, don't freak out." I warn. They look at me warily, but nod. 

"A long time ago, the Greek gods existed. Then the Roman empire grew, and the gods gained Roman forms. With all these gods, there were also monsters, giants, titans, and primordials. The gods follow western civilization, so they followed to America. There's a lot of family history that I won't go into just now." I say, feeling kind of dizzy. 

Pulling a 100 foot ship out of the ocean and propelling it away from the shore is exhausting. I'm starting to feel a little nauseous and I'm getting a headache.

"The gods mingle with mortals, and that can mean kids." I say. I give them a look that means they can ask questions now.

"Those gods are real?" Bruce asks.

"I'm standing here, aren't I?" I grumble.

"Woah. Does that mean your dad is a god, Percy?" Tony asks me.

"Ahuh." I mumble back. I'm feeling plain awful now. 

"You okay, Perce?" Clint asks me.

"I think I'm gonna pass out." I admit. My head is spinning, and I feel like my guts have been pulled out, knotted, and shoved back in.

"What's wrong?" Bruce is standing next to me in an instant.

"This is just taking a lot out of me, is all." I wave him off.

"What is?" Bruce asks.

"The erm, the sailing." I'm not sure that's the right word.

"You're seasick?" Steve asks.

"He doesn't get seasick." Annabeth says for me.

"Then what's the problem?" Tony asks.

"I haven't done this before." I grumble.

"Done what?"

"Pull a ship out of the ocean and send it sailing at 26 knots." I can't do it much longer.

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