[7] Mix Baths | Lemon 🍋

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Hey guys as a way of apologizing I wrote a lemon :)


Mixed Baths


Izuku Midoriya x Self- conscious!Reader


Y/n's P.o.v

We are going on a field trip, a really fancy one. We were going to Tokyo. There was going to be free everything. A five star hotel everyone was going to be staying at, and all you can eat buffets. Don't forget about the room service and spa.

But I was most excited for the spa, just to soak and relax. Plus I already have a game plan. I was going to the mix bath, because I know like no one goes in there, I made sure. As you can tell, i'm a little nervous about showing my body.

I've always been told I have a great body, which always brought attention to me. I know that shouldn't something i should be complaining about. But i've always hated it. They would use words like, hot, sexy, and more uncomfortable words. So, I never appreciated the blessings of my body. Even the words my friends told me wasn't the ones I needed.

For example, "Y/n what are you talking about, you should be lucky to have a banging body!" Or, "Why are you so mad they're right, you're fucking hot."

At those time I would laugh agreeing with them. But I never felt the way they did. I tried being comfortable in my own body but it only lead to me embarssing myself in front of my whole middle school. To this day I cringe, the whole situation almost led me to move schools. It was just a mess. But it was in the past. And now it's the future, I was hoping high school will be different. And it was. Being in this school really raised my self-esteem. Well the beginning was really rough.

It was only because two people from the middle school came along with me. One the sweetest guy in school, the other guy who really lowers my self-esteem. Izuku and Katsuki.

Katsuki was on of the guys always talking about my looks. Constantly hitting on me. Thinking it would make me feel good, but it was just the opposite. Sure we were great friends but it made me feel uncomfortable with myself.

Izuku was one of the guys who never really commented on how I looked, I've always guessed he knew how i felt about it. And I was thankful for it. I was never into the guys like Katsuki. But I was always a sucker for someone like Izuku, he is just one of those people. At least to me he was. Sure maybe I've developed a small crush on the green haired boy. Ok maybe not small, I have absolutely fallen for him.


I paced around the shared hotel room gathering what i needed so I could soon head over to the mix baths. The rest of the class already left to the baths. I just told them I felt sick and if i feel better i'd join them. I soon lefted the room in one of the hotel robes. And may I add, ehm.... THEY WERE FRICKING SOFT. Anyways I made my way down to the bath.

I quickly made sure no of the lockers were in use, to see if anyone was in there. Thankfully it was empty, so I got they whole bath to my self. SCORE! I once I got changed I headed into the shower room.

Normal P.o.v


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