[6] Wanted or not? | Lemon 🍋

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Sitting on the couch and thought of this!


Wanted or not?


Izuku Midoriya x Reader


Y/n P.o.v

I had no idea how I got myself in this situation. I was just so desperate for someone to touch me and love me. Like no one else could.

Oh how badly I want it know those feelings.

Normal P.o.v

Izuku knew how desperate Y/n was, but he just wasn't ready for it yet. Let alone with someone he couldn't call his. He never had the courage to ask you out, if he couldn't do that how can he have sex with you.

You topped him, your tongue was already swirling in his mouth. Izuku's hands tied to the head board with her quirk. His eyes wide open in disbelief, that the girl of his dreams tongue is shoved in his mouth. Izuku's body was stiff, he couldn't move what so ever. Y/n was slowly hurting by this, that he didn't want it as bad as she did. Y/n didn't know that fact that he wasn't mentally prepared for this.

They were in Izuku's dorm, they were going to study, but as you see now that probably not going to happen. Y/n left his mouth, staring down at him, seeing his shocked face. It hurt and it hurt a lot. She gave it one last shot before giving up. Y/n leaned forward and pressed kisses all over his neck, nipping at it at times. Making Izuku but his lip without her noticing.

Y/n moved his shirt from his shoulder and bit him, a little too hard, seeing if he was into that. Izuku gasped at the harsh pain. Not to lie he was getting turned on, but it didnt help the fact that he wasn't ready.

Y/n sighed and sat up looking down opon him, feeling that he was kinda getting hard. "Izuku do you want this?" Y/n grounded on his hard, causing Izuku to throw his head back and moan. "N-no...not yet pl-please" Izuku pleaded her. If she wasn't hurting before, well she was now.

She nodded with smile. "I'll leave, just let me get rid of this for you." Y/n hands found themselves unzipping Izuku's pants. "W-wait...!" Y/n pulled his boxers down to his knees showing his semi erect member. "Y/n-- n-no" As the words came out of his mouth, he knew he was just lying to her now. Maybe he wasn't prepared for everything but nothing wrong with fooling around.

Y/n just blocked his words out, she put her tongue against his tip. He jumped at the sudden warm feeling inside him. She only messed with the tip thought she would be going to far if she went any further down his member. He moaned and arched his back. The pleasure was all to much for his body. He absolutely loved it. "An! Y/n!" Words like those spilled from his mouth.

As much as he wanted to keep telling her no, his mind and body said other wise. He tried thrusting his hips to the to get her to do more. Y/n noticed and blushed. Y/n went a little further to see what he would do. "Ngh! Y-yes please!" He cried out, shutting his eyes. Y/n smiled as she continued to go engulf him into her mouth.

Y/n released her quirk to see what he would do. Izuku weaved his hand into her hair and his own. He pushed down on her head, making her face hit his hips. His shaft hit the back of her throat causing her to gag slightly. "Ahh-hahh!" Izuku never stopped lifting her head up and down. Izuku gripped her hair strongly, as he thrusted up into Y/n's mouth.

After a while he came hard down her throat. And she tried her best to swallow all it. Y/n sat up wiping the extras from the corners of her mouth, and swallowed that too.

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