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Hey guys, I'm making a fluff for once. Yeah I know it's werid 😂. I'm not the best at this cheesy stuff, but I will try. And maybe I will prevail. This might be short.


Father Material


Adult!Izuku Midoriya x Adult!Reader


Y/n's P.o.v

Tears left my eyes as I covered my mouth with my hand. I smiled as I cried. A clutched the valuable item in hand as tears flowed out of my eyes. The item in hand telling me that I was going to a mother. I looked at the tiny box on the test making sure my eyes wasn't deceiving me.

I saw two lines, indicating it was positive. Positive that I was pregnant. One of my hands held the item against my heart. The other held my stomach. It was unbelievable I was growing a living being inside of me. More tears fell from my eyes.

Then the thought hit me.


I need to tell him. I stood up running out of the bathroom. I rushed out the front door. Running through the yards newly cut grass.

I turned onto the sidewalk passing so many people. I passed a bunch of stores and houses. And eventually I got to my destination. A enormous building.

Sweat rolled down my forehead as I smiled. My hands reached for the somewhat big doors, going inside. I jogged in, ignoring everyone I passed. I stopped in front a door which held the love of my life. I opened the door to see my husband; Izuku Midoriya.

I watched as he looked up from his desk with a surprised look. "Izuku!" I yelled as I rushed up to him. "Y/n?" He said in a confused voice. More tears swelled in my eyes, threatening to fall. I brought him into a hug.

"Y-Y/n, are you alright." He said giving into the hug. "I have great news!" I said the tears falling from my eyes. Izuku looked at with me with a questioning look, waiting for a answer. I pulled away from the hug. "I'm pregnant!" I exclaimed. My crying turning into sobbing.

His eyes widen as they filled with the same tears as mine. "I'm going to f-father?!" He said pulling me back into a heart warming hug not even noticing he didn't use English properly. I gave a small chuckle and I quickly melted into the hug. I pulled away a little to plant kiss on his lips.

"I love you so much, and now you give me a chance to love our new family." I whispered as pulled away from the kiss. "I love you too." He said in the same tone. I layed my forehead against his as we cried in joy.


Edited: Yes

Thus was kinda werid for me to write but none-the-less I enjoyed it. And there will be more of this in the future :). And I was right I did make this short. I'm so lazy 😂


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