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Hello people of wattpad, I bring you another chapter of smut (that I know you all were thirsty for). But anyway enjoy! This kinda has no plot and it's short but here is go


Drunken Nights


Drunk!Izuku Midoryia x Drunk! Reader


Includes: Foreplay and Drunk sex


Normal P.o.v

"Mmmmn.. Izuku.." Y/n moan into his ear. His nose glazed her neck as he sucked on her collar bone. Her hands weaved into his hair grabbing it at times. He pulled away, leaving another mark.

Their breath both reeked of alcohol, from the graduation after party. They both thought it would be ok to let loose tonight which leads them we they are now.

"God Y/n why do you always smell so good.." Izuku groaned. She was barely clothed at this point. When they first entered the house it was a mess. And clothes flew every where. Especially Y/n's, now she was lefted in a bra and panties. And Izuku in boxers and his t-shirt.

You could cut the room's sexual tension with a knife. Their hands clawed each other's bodies. And soon Y/n's bra found itself with the rest of their clothes.

His warm hands replaced her bra, but he was way better than a bra. He squeezed them and pinched her nipples. He has never done this before, he just doing what seems right. And the sound she was producing proved he was doing great.

Y/n's hands pushed against his chest, pushing him underneath her. She straddle him, slightly grinding against him. Little mewls left his mouth. Y/n quickly discarded his shirt and pulled down his boxers. Pumping him a few times before slipping down her last piece of clothing.

She hovered him and slid his length inside her. Pain racked throughout her body, but she kept going. Once she fully took him in, their skin made a slapping noise. "Fuck... Y/n.." Izuku breathed out. His hands were placed on her hips, helping Y/n go down on him. Their hips harshly collided against each other.

"Oh! Izuku your so b-big-Mnnah!" She placed her hands behind her as she bounced on top of him. "You so t-tight and wet-Fuck!" He cursed. If they weren't so intoxicated this wouldn't have never happened. To tell truth they were both wusses. It took them to get drunk to have sex.

They could barely even talk to each other without sputtering out nonsense. Now here they are, fucking.

"G-god, I'm so close..!" Y/n moaned out. Izuku began thrusting up into her. She cried out from the pleasure, even tears formed into her eyes. Izuku eyes clouded with lust. "M-me too- nggh!" He responded to her.

Her walls clamped down on him as she came. The sudden tightness of her walls made him paint her walls of himself.

They panted out, smelling the fresh sex in the air. Y/n lifted off him their juices spilling out of her. She fell on top of him, both of their sweaty bodies sticking together.


Y/n's P.o.v

I sat up and automatically regretting it. I grabbed my head as I cracked my neck. I looked to the side seeing the time.

10:36 a.m.

Thank god yesterday was the last day. I'm suppose to moving out today. I aimed my eyes downward, seeing myself topless. "..!?!"

I felt the bed shift. I jumped at the sudden movement. I averted my eyes next to me. I saw a messy lump of green hair. A sudden rush of memories slapped me in the face. Panic set in me.

"Fuck my life.."


Ayyyyyy I'm done, I started this awhile ago but I never finished it so I finished it today. Soo yeah

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