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I'm here with a lime this time. I just wanted to take a break from lemons, but don't worry. I'm pretty sure the next one will be a lemon (for all you thirsty people out there 👀). Well enjoy!!




Izuku Midoriya x Kinda Forward!Reader


Normal P.o.v

Y/n was sitting in class taking notes. Mr Aizawa thought today the class should sit inside and learn a few 'little' notes about hero history. Well these 'little' weren't so little. So far Y/n took over 10 pages of notes. Even her hand started to cramp.

Y/n was over the top with note taking. At her old school people considered her a teacher pet, from all the good grades she would get. But she didn't care about the grades, she only cared to get a special someone. A adorable green haired boy. Sure, no one else notice the way he shined.

But you did, you were always there, helping and falling in love.

--Flash back--

"S-stop! P-please kacchan!" a little boy cried out on the floor. A explosive ash-blond treating the little poor boy. Suddenly a H/c girl show up from no where. "K-katsuki! Stop hurt Zu-kun!", She yelled. Tears forming in her eyes from seeing Her beloved crush hurting on the floor crying.

Y/n's P.o.v

"But he'll never be a hero. A hero is supposed to be strong. He is just a weak little quirkless baby!", he chuckled a bit. I clenched my fist walking walking up to him. I raised my hand in the air, quickly bringing it down across his face.

"Shut up! Just because he wasn't gifted with a quirk doesn't mean he isn't any less special as you! As least he'll have a bigger heart than you as a hero!", I screamed at Bakagou. The tears fell from my eyes. I looked behind me to see Izuku with a amazed look on his face, but his eyes filled with tears that seemed to stop falling. I smiled at him before turning back to Katsuki.

"And I know he'll be the best there ever was. Because something in my heart telling me he will be better than you ever will!", I said finishing my out-burst of rage. I turned away from him. And ran to Izuku.

"A-are you okay?", I said softy with a blush slowly creeping onto my face. He nodded. "Good!", I said offering him my hand. He took it using it to stand up. I smiled at him, I brought closer to me and kissed his cheek. "I'm Y/n! I hope we could become friends in the future. Well bye Zu-kun!", I said before before running off. I ran and hid behind a tree. Blushing, I slid down the tree. I smiled to myself. Replaying what happened over and over again in my head.

--End of Flash back--

I never forgot that moment. And I always cherish it. But to this day I never talked to him. I was always too scared and nervous to talk to him. Not after what I did. I kissed his cheek! Why? I have no idea.

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