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Here is the first chapter for this book I hope you enjoy. I removed this chapter from my other book and put it here because I was too lazy to write one right now so yeah.


Unexpected Heat


Izuku Midoriya x Neko!Reader


Kinktober includes: Heat, Dirty talk, Grinding, Doggy style, Scratching, and foreplay.


Normal P.o.v

It was like any other normal day; boring. Well as least to you it was. Much to your disappointment you already knew everything they were teaching. So you were staring at the boy who held your heart without knowing.

He was so innocent and sweet. Like pure sugar. Nothing could tear your eyes away from him when he smilied. He was a angel. A amazing gift. But all your admiration had stopped to a crashing holt when you felt the raising heat from below.

Yes your quirk had something to do with a cat. Yeah sure your quirk had it's quirks (🙄😅). But really your quirk was amazing you had speed and agility like a cat. But one thing that that made this the worst quirk to have is that it includes the heat.

For cats they go through this type of thing called heat. Where their body hormones shoot through the roof. Thier sex drive starts to overload. And it sucks. Well it sucks for Y/n.

Since she's human and neko, the hormonal difference between a cat and a human are great. Which basically means she's screwed. She wasn't prepare for this to happen yet.

This usually happens once a year. This kind of heat usually lasts around 2 weeks. Which means 2 weeks of suffering for Y/n. I mean she could just wait it out like always, right?

Y/n's P.o.v

I felt as my body temperature rise and down below get heated. I knew what this meant and I wasn't not prepared at all. I quickly raised my hand to be excused by Mr. Aizawa. Once he gave me the go, I full on sprinted towards the bathroom.

I quickly pull out my phone texting my mom about this. She gave me some reassurance and told me to go to my room and rest. And also told me she would explain everything to Mr. Aizawa, so he would let me be free of class.

I shut my phone off and quickly made my way to my dorm.

Time skip~

I swiftly shut the door. Before landing in my bed with a thud. As comfortable as the bed was it didn't help the situation going on in my body.

All I have to do is wait it out no big deal. Or so I thought.

One week later~

I rolled in bed in pain as the heat streamed though me. It was so uncomfortable and unsatisfying. It was so unbearable. Maybe once just this once I could relieved myself.

I slowly snuck my hand in my panties before rubbing myself at the clit. Making me throw back my head and cry in pure pleasure. I stuck a finger inside of me at a slow pace at first before quickening it.

It was like I was on cloud nine. Why haven't I done this before. I quickly stuck another finger in. Making whimper. I yelled out the first thing that came to mind. "Izuku!" , I cried out.

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