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It was so strange to watch how people within the club were actually useful. Each one of them was skilled to cover one part of the land. Some were handy and skilled with machines, wood, and metal, while others were good with computers and were so clever.

Who would have ever guessed that one huge mountain of a man could ever know every single detail about World War II. And Lilianna knew that from first hand because that morning she couldn't remember what was the role of Russia in that period.

''And not only were they smart enough to wait for the winter, but they also killed so many of Germans that in their shoes I'd rub it in their faces every single press conference.'' A huge man called Bellamin echoed his inner thoughts.

For a second too long, Lilianna stared at him, analyzing him.

She rarely ever spoke ever since Thor had forbidden her to see Ryan. It wasn't because she was spoiled or trying to push things to be in her way – it was a completely different thing. She was feeling as if she was lost.

All she knew how to do was to cook. So, she cooked every morning, every noon, and every evening. Some even mentioned how they never had such a good cooker in their club, yet still, she was feeling as if she wasn't useful enough.

''Come on, B. Let the poor girl to breathe.'' Thor implied how Bellamin was boring to her, when in reality, Bellamin was the only one in the whole club who would gladly stay at the kitchen with her when she'd make meals for his friends.

She didn't blame others for never talking to her. Probably because she made little to no effort to be the one who makes the first move in their friendship.

Lilianna put another pancake on the plate. As she was cooking, Bellamin was putting Nutella on them. They were a good team.

The only person she missed while being in the club, except for Brian, was Huginn.

Lately, he was acting like she had a plague.

Sometimes she'd have seen him walking around the dining room, but as soon as his eyes would land on her, he would scoff and simply walk out.

She didn't know what wrong she did to him... And a weird hole was forming in her soul because of it. After all, that man saved her from sure death, and now, he looked as if he was regretting that.

''I am so not boring her.'' Bellamin scoffed and looked down at Lilianna by his side. ''Am I?''

She smiled to him as kindly as she could while she was still thinking about the mysterious doctor. ''You're not, Belly.'' The nickname she gave him he seemed to like because every time she'd say it, his shoulders would relax and a little smile would play over his lips.

''Anyway, Bellamin we need you at the office.'' Thor interrupted their small silent conversation before turning on his heel and walking out of the kitchen without even waiting for their input in the command.

Bellamin didn't really have a choice when it came to Thor's commands, and Lilianna knew that. Even if Thor would tell them to jump off a bridge, they'd somehow willingly do it. Although she thought they might have been brainwashed, they weren't true – it was loyalty that would shine in their eyes when Thor would have been in the same room.

After he cleaned off his hands in a sink, he walked after Thor without saying goodbye. Probably because he planned on getting back to her.

They had never invited her to be a part of their meeting, which in her opinion was alright. After all, she was only a guest in their house.

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