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Even during my deepest periods of sleep, I could have remembered every single time I felt Huginn near myself.

His presence was something I couldn't describe with words. Something strong was always overpowering the aura around his body; the warmth of a feeling as if my whole body was dipped into honey; and the coldness of his touch, although it might have felt inhumane to notice, was actually nice to feel, like he was cooling down all of the painful spots of my body and warming up many, many other.

If Brian knew what I felt near the stranger I've never seen or spoke to, he'd have accused me of cheating on him.

Brian said, that even thinking fondly about another man, could be considered as cheating.

But... Why did I feel in such a way even though I knew it was a sin, to begin with?

Especially then, when the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life was sitting two meters away from the bed I was sitting on.

His eyes held the deep darkness I couldn't reach; his nose was straight and with a little snobbish snub which it might make him look mysterious to others, but to me, he looked quite adorable because of it; the dark hair he had as nicely combed to the back of his neck, making his skin look more flawless and beautiful...

That man, without a doubt, was the most perfect being I've ever witnessed.

And I had no idea, should have I felt extremely bad or honored?

Ever since he walked into the room, dragged the chair to the side of my bed, and sat on it, I couldn't bring myself to start staring at him.

His shoulders were wide and obviously muscled underneath white clothes. As the base of his neckline, I could see a black ink slightly peeking out. And God, veins on his arms looked delicious.

On that thought, my eyes moved to my lap.

I shouldn't have thought like that about some stranger when I had my man waiting for me at our home.

And... after all, I couldn't even compete with the man's beauty – and it wasn't because of the countless bruises all over my skin.

My hair, although long and lightly curly, probably looked like a pile of red bird nests on the top of my head. I knew I had a black eye over my black eyelid – which only cooled down the green color in my orbs. Not to mention the weight I couldn't rid of even when Brian was helping me to stop consuming too many calories over a day, was still showing.

I began playing with my fingers in my lap – a nervous habit Brian hated. If he knew in what situation I was, he'd let me do so, I was sure.

''So, miss Smithson...'' Just with three little words, he caught my attention. He sounded much better while I was awake. Deeper, softer, huskier, and much more confident. ''There is a possibility you might be suffering PTSD, otherwise known as post-traumatic stress syndrome, so, without any insult over your psychological decisions, I'd like you to stay a day longer for further observation.''

I couldn't even force myself to speak, and it had nothing to do with PTSD as Huginn kindly put it.

By peeking from the corner of my eye, I noticed him staring at me.

I had no idea why it felt nice to be observed by that man.

His lips were slightly pressed against each other as if he was under some kind of stress. Perhaps, he went through some kind of traumatic situation, and that was the reason why he was so kind to me during my sleep.

Although, he probably had no idea I was very well aware of the whole situation even with my eyelids being glued.

''I was notified you'd like to see your boyfriend Brian McMullen, is that right?''

Why the Hell was I so shy to speak my mind? That man made me feel as if I was back in six grade.

''I'm sorry if I'm implying any wrong information, but it is noted in your chart you don't remember any events which led you to have the concussion, two broken ribs and multiple bruises over your skin. Am I right?''

Huginn was trying to prove a point – and I had no idea what point it was. It might as well been a conversation that might lead me to remember what could have happened that night of the accident, or it could have been him thinking the same thing Nambia and Eir were obviously stating from the very moment I've woken up.

As I stayed silent, not really knowing what was the right answer, I heard him moving his chair closer to my bed.

Why I felt nervous to be nearer to that man was beyond any reason.

I didn't even act in such a way near Brian.

''How about we start with basics?'' He asked, without waiting for my answer, he said another question. ''How old are you?''

Easy! I lifted my chin, just a bit, so I could watch his dark eyes while answering. ''Twenty-two. Soon twenty-three.''

He stared at my eyes for a few moments, observing each eye individually before looking down at the papers in his lap. ''What are names of your parents?''

''Jessica and Leo. They are both deceased, so my official caregiver was, and still is my uncle Mike.''

He nodded, not lifting his eyes from papers. I felt as if he was avoiding to look at me – which was completely understandable. ''Where were you born?''

That was a trick question. ''Nome, Alaska, but my mother wrote down as my official hometown to be Juneau, also Alaska.''

''Where do you currently live?'' He still wasn't willing to look at me.

Blank. That was the answer that came to my mind. Nothing. Endless and colorless nothing.

It was such a silly question, I should have answered it with ease, but even if someone had me on gunpoint, I couldn't remember a name of a town where I lived.

I knew it was a dangerous area, probably somewhere where not many people lived. Somewhere where it would rain for the most part of a year because I had the memory of walking in the rain every time I'd go to a store. It should have been somewhere where buildings were old, and the streets were filled with strange dirt...

''Miss Smithson?'' His voice tried to pull me out of my thinking, but I was truly trying to remember where I last lived.

Then, when I was just about to answer, I knew there was something wrong with my vision because when I raised my eyes up to look at the beautiful man, he was blurry and almost colorless.

''It will be alright, Lily.'' Promise. My special ability was always being able to smell a promise miles away.

I couldn't even ask what exactly was he promising, and why the whole room was spinning before I fell back onto the cushions of the hospital bed.

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