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Staring right at the barrel of the gun that Brian was holding pointed right at her, Lilianna felt a greater fear than she ever did.

No matter how many times he was mad at her, he had never pointed a gun at her.

Yet, a thought didn't pass her mind before Huginn wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her tight against his chest, and he pulled out a gun from the back of his belt and pointed it right at the man standing on the doorstep of the bar.

It seemed as if everyone followed Huginn's lead – every single one of the men pulled out their guns, all except Kvasir. Kvasir was the only one who stayed quiet, yet everyone could see the rage building up behind those cold, black eyes.

''I'm here to take what's mine,'' Brian spoke.

Lilianna couldn't remember his voice being so cold. And she didn't understand why wasn't she worried about the fact that all men had their guns out pointed at him, yet she was worried about what might happen to the men of the club. As if they were the ones who became the purpose of her life, replacing her need for Brian with their own existence.

She felt Huginn's fingers tightly grabbing onto the fabric of her shirt on her back like he was afraid she will listen to Brian as she should have. Even in alcoholic state hat, he was in, he still was strangely calm – not including the gun pointed at Brian.

''There is nothing of yours to take,'' Eir spoke first, stepping closer to Brian which caused Brian to shift the gun right at Eir's chest.

Lilianna could see a spark of fear in Brian's eyes. Maybe a plan of taking her wasn't going how he had planned. Perhaps he expected them to let her go just like he wanted. ''She will never be yours.'' He hissed through his teeth. ''That woman has been mine from her fifteenth birthday, and I'm planning on keeping it that way. So, hand her over to me now!''

One thing Lilianna had a moment to notice was that those men didn't like being ordered around like dolls. The only person they would likely take any order was Thor.

And Thor didn't like at all taking orders from anyone.

''I advise you to run as fast as you can, young man,'' Thor spoke calmly. Deadly calm with a gun at his hand pointed at Brian. ''And don't look back while you're hiding because I can bet on my life that every single one of my men will try to find you to chew you up.'' Advice wrapped in a threat seemed to be working on Brian more powerful than any of Lilianna's begging ever did.

The strangest thing of all was that Lilianna didn't want to go back to Brian even though she dreamed of him taking her back every night since she walked into the club.

The main reason for the desire to stay was that for the first time in her lifetime, she had given a choice. A choice what to wear, what to eat, what to do, what to cook, what to read... She had almost felt like a human being beneath all scars and bruises.

But... She knew Brian won't give up. He never does.

And yet, she wasn't afraid that Brian would get hurt, she was afraid he'd hurt any of those men.

''Maybe I should go.'' She whispered, only for Huginn to hear.

As soon as Huginn heard her sentence, his hand seemed to hold her tighter, and his breathing stopped for a moment or two. The silence he had given her for a few seconds made her feel awful for even proposing to the idea of her living all of them. ''You're not leaving now when I finally got you.'' He spoke, as quiet as she did.

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