Twenty-Two: You & Me

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Looking back at yesterday, I thought I gave it everything but there's still so much road ahead of me. 

Mal and Ben stood in the front of the yacht, looking out at everyone. The girls were now in shorter versions of their dresses, but they were all still wet from the battle that had taken place earlier. Hector stood behind Jane with an arm wrapped around her waist.  Lonnie had her arm resting on Jay's shoulder. Evie had her hand in Doug's, who had an arm around her shoulder. Helena and Carlos stood beside each other, a small space in between them. Mal smiled as she stared at her friends, happy that they all found people who made them happy. 

When I looked into your eyes, I guess I didn't recognize who we are and all that we can be. 

Mal then turned to Ben, their hands intertwined with each others. Upon hearing Mal's words, Carlos slowly reached out and grabbed Helena's hand. The two visibly relaxed at the small gesture that had a big impact on both of them. Mal then gestured out to the crowd filled with the Auradon kids and villain kids alike that found out that they ed. could be all that they want

Sometimes it's hard to find yourself but it's worth it in the end 'cause in your heart is where it all begins. 

Ben then grabbed Mal's hands and the two spun around in a circle, the group in front of them moving to find their places. Mal smiled at Ben before they let go of each other's hands, the dark fairy going to left side of the steps while the king went on the right. The crowd of people divided themselves into four rows that all bowed before Ben and Mal. 

We gotta be bold, we gotta be brave, we gotta be free. We gotta get loud, making that change, you gotta believe (whoa!)

Mal and Ben made their way down the aisle of people, who were all twirling around and playing with the water. Mal smiled as she took Helena's hand and twirled her around, both girls laughing happily before Mal handed her friend off to Carlos. 

We'll look deep inside (Hey!) And we'll rise up and shine. We can be bold, we can be brave. Let everyone see. It starts with you and me (whoa, whoa, hey). It starts with you and me (whoa, whoa, hey). It starts with you and me. 

The crowd then all gathered in the center with their partners, the group of creating a row in the middle. The boys all twirled their girls as far as their arms could go, the girls pausing to curtsy while the boys bowed. Mal took Ben's hand once again, the two stepping forward in rhythm while everyone behind them followed. Everyone then broke away from their partners, creating huge splashes with smiles on their faces . 

There's something special that I've learned, it's together we can change the world. Everybody's got something they can bring. 

Carlos and Evie walked over to the railing, arms around each other as they looked at the Isle. The children of Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen both thought about the mothers and their lives on the island. Both of their lives on the Isle were lonely, suffering from abuse from their mothers for years and thinking there was no escape. But their sole escape was making real friends, ones that they cared for and cared for them in return, and changed their entire world. They learned that they were more than what their parents wanted to be, and they had their own talents that only they can bring into the world.

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