Thirteen: Ensuring Your Safety

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Harry moved as quickly and quietly as he could while traveling through the dark streets of the Isle of the Lost. Even though he still didn't tell Helena where exactly they were going, she knew that it was mostly one of the places on the island he knew they could seemingly get away. Still holding onto Helena's hand, Harry went up the fire escape and knocked on a single apartment door.

"Open up, CJ! I know you're in there," Harry exclaimed, continuously knocking on the door to get his sister's attention.

"Why are you so annoying, Harry? I swear sometimes-" CJ ranted as she opened the door, pausing when she saw the daughter of Hades standing behind him. "Oh my God, Helena. What are you doing here?"

"Well hello to you, sister," Harry muttered, CJ stepping aside to allow the pair to come inside. "But to answer your question, we needed a day off."

"Is the sea bitch pushing your buttons again?" CJ asked.

"Something like that," Harry replied vaguely, he and Helena sitting down on the couch in the living room.

"Well in that case, welcome to my home!"CJ exclaimed with her arms spread out wide.

The blonde pirate had managed to make a nice home for herself in a small two-bedroom apartment. The living room had a couch along the back wall and a coffee table in front of it, the bookshelves that were off to the side filled with various items she found on her adventures through the years.

"Wait a minute, you moved out?" Helena asked, shocked yet happy to hear that the youngest Hook child was no longer living with her father.

CJ nodded proudly, "I did and it was long overdue. Now, I'm free to go wherever the adventure takes me."

"But why didn't you ever join Uma's crew or Harriet's?"

"Because I don't want Harriet telling me what to do more than she already does, and you know that I don't like the sea bitch. Besides, I like being on my own. I get to do what I want when I want to do it. And whenever I feel lonely, I usually go annoy the crap out of Harriett or Harry."

"Emphasis on that last part," Harry muttered, CJ playfully hitting his arm. He then turned to Helena, "You look tired."

"I think I just need to lie down for a bit," Helena replied, the use of her powers earlier back in the restaurant tiring her out more than she would admit.

"There's a spare room's just around the corner that you can use," CJ announced, Helena following the pirate girl to the guest room.

Harry leaned back in the couch as his sister walked back into the living room a few moments later. He closed his eyes for a moment, allowing himself to relax. His body ached, and his mind felt as if it was a war-zone. Confusion didn't even begin to describe how he was feeling.

"Harry." The sound of his sister called his name caused the pirate boy to open his eyes, seeing CJ sitting down in a nearby chair. "Do you really think that Helena can take down the barrier?"

The Hook boy raised an eyebrow, "How do you know about that?"

"I had a job to do and I did it," CJ responded, crossing her arms over her chest. It was then that Harry remembered that Mal gave her the job of finding out what Uma was planning, and CJ did just that. And as much as Harry would've liked for his sister to stay out of this, it was clear that it was too late for that.

Harry sighed, running his fingers through his hair to relieve some of his frustration. "I think that Helena doesn't even know what she's fully capable of. And then to ask her to do something like that...."

"Well, are you going to stand with Uma on this one?" CJ then questioned, anger rising at her brother's silence. "Please don't me the sea bitch has her tentacles wrapped that tightly around you."

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