Eight: The Hardest Trade-Off

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Helena was walking around the Lost Revenge, nervously waiting for her friends to come back with the wand. Two days had passed since Helena and Ben were taken and brought to the ship. Helena stayed with Harry in his cabin aboard the ship, not being allowed to ever leave the room. Ben was being kept below the ship in the brig, only Uma, Harry and Gil allowed to talk to him. Helena hoped that Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay had a plan, one that would save both her and Ben. But she knew that if it came down to it, she knew what choice they would make.

"Nervous, Spitfire?" Harry said to Helena as he casually slung an arm around her shoulder.

"Go away, Harry," Helena responded, taking his arm off her shoulder.

Harry chuckled, "You are, aren't you? Because we both that whatever plan they come up with, it won't be to save you. It'll be to save him." The pirate used his hook to point over to Ben, who was now tied to the ship's mast. Harry ran towards Ben, trying to intimidate the young king by running his hook underneath Ben's chin. "But now you know where your friends' loyalty lies."

"Give it a rest, Harry," Uma instructed as she came back up behind the pirate and pulled him away from Ben. "Give it a rest. We don't want damaged goods."

Harry climbed up on the ropes, glaring over at the captain while pointing over to the king with his hook. "You said I could hook him."

"I said at noon," Uma clarified.

Harry walked over to Ben, pulling out a pocket watch. "Twenty more minutes."

Ben looked at the watch then back at the pirate, "That says 11:30."

"Idiot," Helena mumbled as she rolled her eyes, knowing that Harry never learned how to tell time because the ticking of a clock reminded his father of Tick-Tock.

"You better hope your girlfriend comes through," Uma told Ben, sitting down in front of him as Harry moved forward, so that he was standing at her.

"She's not my girlfriend anymore," Ben said lowly, his eyes staring down at the ground as he thought back to his argument with Mal.

Helena remained silent, thinking back to what she last said to her boyfriend. She wasn't sure where she and Carlos stood. She wanted to fix things with him, but she wasn't sure if Carlos would want that. Helena was the one that hurt Carlos when she left Auradon without a single word, and hurt him again when she told him that she wouldn't be coming back. He was in pain because of her, so why would he want her back?

Uma laughed lightly at the newfound information, her eyes focused solely on the king. "Leave us alone, Harry."

The second-in-command got up, glaring at Ben before stopping to look at Helena. The daughter of Hades was unusually silent, her eyes focused on the ground as she thought about Mal, Evie Jay and Carlos. Harry's eyes softened as he stared at her, knowing that this situation wasn't easy for her. Despite what he was telling himself to watch her suffer and feel the same emotions he felt when she left, there was still a part of him wanted to comfort her.

"Go," Uma said once again, pulling Harry out of the small trance he was as he walked away. The captain stared at her two new captives, one of whom she knew well.

"Why so quiet, Helena? Thinking about the deal?"

Ben looked between the two girls, "What deal?"

"Mal and I made a deal. Either you or Helena for the wand. And I think we all know what the outcome is going to be, Your Majesty," Uma replied.

Ben turned to Helena and reassuringly said, "Helena, no, don't listen to her. They're gonna get you out of here, they're gonna get us both out of here. Don't worry."

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