Nine: In the Crossfire

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Jay tilted a nearby barrel, spilling the swords that Lonnie brought with her on the ground. He, Evie and Lonnie all grabbed their own swords as Carlos held a slingshot, firing a smoke bomb at the ship. A cloud of blue smoke appeared in front of the pirates, who struggled to see and breathe.

As Carlos kept firing smoke bombs to keep the pirates distracted, Jay ran down toward the ship as fast as he could. As the smoke began to disappear, the son of Jafar managed to find Helena, grabbing on the ropes keeping her hands together and pulling her away from the pirates.

"NO!" Harry yelled, feeling Helena be yanked out of his grasp. "Where did she go?"

Uma looked around, feeling her anger spike when she saw Helena was now freed from the binds and being taken away by Jay. They already got Ben, gave her a fake wand, and now were trying to take Helena. Uma needed Helena to negotiate a new deal. "BRING HER BACK HERE, NOW!"

Spotting Helena and Jay, Harry jumped over the railing and onto the dock. Two stopped waling when they noticed that Harry was directly behind them, ready to stop Helena from leaving him again.

Jay pushed Helena behind him, ready to deal with the pirate himself. "Go Hells, I got this."

Harry watched as Helena turned around and ran away, going after only to have Jay block his path. "Get out of my way," Harry hissed.

"Stay away from her," Jay replied. The pirate only got angry, swinging both his book and sword at his nemesis. The two began fighting, each thinking about the princess that they both wanted to protect in their own way.

Pirates swung themselves from the ropes and onto docks, two blocking Helena's path as she was trying to run towards Evie. Seeing as she was without a weapon and all of her friends were busy fighting their own battles, she get out of this by herself. Slowly, Helena took a few steps back until she felt her back against the railing.

"I got this," Helena said to herself before dodging the attack that the first pirate made. But as soon as one pirate would attack, the other would follow close behind and Helena could barely keep up. Seeing a sword headed straight towards her, Helena had her hands above her head out of instinct to protect herself. Seeing as there was no impact, Helena looked up to see that she had actually created a shield of tangible darkness.

"What the hell?" Helena muttered to herself, everyone stopping to see that she was actually using her powers. No one understood how she did it, not even Helena. The only thing she could ever do on the Isle was light her hair on fire. It shouldn't be possible. How was she able to use magic when there was an anti-magic barrier surrounding the island?

Helena decided to deal with that later and brought her attention back to the two pirates in front of her. She pushed the shield towards them, causing the pair to stumble backwards. She then used the darkness like ropes and tied it around one of their legs. Using the darkness, Helena lifted the two pirates high in the air flung them into the sea.

"BRING ME THAT GIRL!" Uma ordered, the fighting resuming once again. The race to get Helena was on, the noticeable use of her powers only increasing the tension and her value. There was no way Uma was going to let her leave, and no way Mal, Evie, Jay or Carlos would let her stay on the island.

"Lena!" Carlos exclaimed.

"Carlos," Helena replied, recognizing his voice and the nickname. She took a few steps toward her in his direction, only to stumble and fall. Carlos caught her just in time, his arms encircling her waist and holding her up while Helena's hands rested on his shoulders.

"Lena, are you alright?" Carlos asked gently, noticing how she weak she was.

"I used my powers. How did I use my powers?" Helena muttered confusedly, the battle continuing to rage on around them.

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