Nineteen: The Cotillion

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Today was the big day, the day of the Cotillion. Everyone was practically buzzing with excitement. Girls were rushing to put on their dresses and the guys were getting in their tuxes, making sure that they would look perfect for tonight. The party servers were getting food on the yacht as chauffeurs arrived to take the guests to the event. This was definitely going to be a night to remember.

Helena, Mal, and Evie were inside their room, getting ready for the Cotillion. All the girls were in their dresses, Evie having Mal sit in a chair in front of the mirror as she braided the dark fairy's hair. Helena was sitting on the edge of Evie's bed, doing her makeup the way her mother learned from Aphrodite.

They were all silent as their minds all drifted off into different directions. It wasn't until Mal decided to .

"Are you sure you're going to be okay tonight, Hells?" Mal asked, genuinely concerned for her best friend.

Helena wasn't exactly in the best shape.After she came back to the dorm, she crashed onto her bed and cried for what felt like hours. Mal and Evie gave her some space and waited until she was ready to talk to them. Helena told the girls what happened with her and Carlos and they caught her up on everything she missed while on the Isle and all they did to protect her. And even though it wasn't obvious to the naked eye, Mal and Evie knew that Helena wasn't doing so good and they wondered if going to a party that Carlos would also be at would be a good idea.

Helena nodded her head, "Mal, you're my best friend and today is a bid day for you. And regardless of what Carlos and I might be going through, I'm going to be there to support you."

"But what about Carlos?"

Helena shrugged, "I can't avoid him forever. Besides, I still care for him, that is never going to change whether we're together or not... But we need to work on us first before there can be an us, you know."

Mal and Evie nodded their heads, completely understandingly where the girl was coming from. Each of their relationships with their boyfriends took a major hit during the past few weeks just because they weren't honest with themselves. They ignored how the Isle affected them to conform to the perfect kingdom. And Carlos and Helena came to the conclusion that they had to address their individual issues first before they can possibly get back together.

"And besides, look at this dress that Evie made. There is no way I'm not going to the Cotillion in this," Helena said before spinning around to show off her dress, the daughters of Maleficent and the Evil queen laughing.

The dress that Evie designed was truly spectacular

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The dress that Evie designed was truly spectacular. It was a black and blue floor length ombre dress with one shoulder neckline, beautiful beading detail and a cut-out back. Her brown hair was pinned up in a bun, a few strands loose to accenutate the shape of her face. The dress was paired silver diamond and sapphire dangle earrings and blue velvet heels. The necklace from Hades were around her neck and the tiara that Persephone designed for her was on her head.

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