Five: Feeling of Belonging

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The next day, Mal was out on her date with Ben. Helena and Carlos were walking hand in hand to his Swords & Shields practice. Usually, Helena would stay to watch her two best friends practice, but she had homework that she needed to get done. She was walking back to the dorm when she heard rustling sounds from the bush behind her, which caused her turn around.

"Hurry, let's go," They whispered.

Helena couldn't see where they were, but she knew that trouble was coming her way. She began to run back to her dorm, but it was too late. In an instant, there was a crowd surrounding her, blocking her path as they asked her questions and took pictures.

"Stop it," Helena begged, shielding her eyes from the bright flashes of their cameras.

"Why are you using your magic?" One yelled.

"Are you turning evil again?"

"Did you and Carlos breakup or are you two still together?"

"Does he approve of you using magic?"

Helena felt her heart beating wildly as if it was going to jump out of her chest at any moment. She closed her eyes as she told herself to keep calm. But she could also feel herself losing control with each passing second, and she wouldn't be able to stay calm for much longer.

Luckily for her, Lonnie was around. Seeing what was happening, she pushed through the crowd and went to help Helena.

"Helena, oh my gosh. Are you alright?" Lonnie asked.

Helena opened her eyes, Lonnie's own eyes widening when she saw the red eyes of Hades' daughter and strange pulsing of the sapphire gem of her necklace. Lonnie quickly put her arm around Helena and guided her toward the dorms. 

Once they reached safely inside, Helena took Lonnie's arm off her and ran to her dorm. She ignored the girl calling out her name as well as the strange looks that people were giving her. She opened the door to her dorm and shut it once she was inside, making sure to lock it. 

Helena sat down on her bed and stared at the door, tears beginning to fall from her eyes. She made no attempt to stop them. She couldn't keep doing this. Living under this spotlight was becoming too much for her. And if this was the life that she was going to have in Auradon, then she didn't want it. 

A few minutes later, Mal came rushing into the room with tears in her eyes. She did a double take when she saw  a distressed Helena sitting on the bed. "What happened to you?"

"I should be asking you the same question," Helena replied, sniffling as she let out a slight laugh. 

"My date with Ben... it was going well but then he found out that I've been doing magic and it just went downhill from there," Mal replied, wiping few the tears falling from her eyes. 

"So what's wrong with you?" 

"I was... but I had a run in with the press again. Luckily, Lonnie helped me get back to the dorm before anything could happen but.... it just seemed like they were actually trying to get me to snap and use my powers against them."

Mal scoffed, "Of course they would. It would make for a great story in tomorrow's papers." She then ran a hand through her hair, "It feels like I'm trapped and closed off from everyone, and I hate it." 

Helena looked down at her hands as she began to mess with her fingers. "I don't know what to do anymore. I don't like having to deal with the paparazzi part, but I hate having all of of our efforts to fit in never be enough for this place. No matter what we do or say, we just don't belong here."

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