Sixteen: Limits to Our Strength

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Harry woke up early the next day, unable to sleep properly due to his restless mind. He was pacing in the room, not thinking straight as his mind wondered with what could happen today. As the son of Captain Hook was pacing in his room, he stopped when he heard the sound of his door unlocking.

Gil entered the room, the two boys remaining silent for a few moments as neither one of them knew what to say to each other.

It was Gil that finally broke the silence by muttering, "I didn't think it would ever be like this between us."

In all of years they had known each other, none of the sea three ever thought there would be a day when they would be divided. Harry was no longer with Uma or Gil, and the son of Gatson was having a hard time understanding why that was. Their main goal was to always leave the Isle and get better for themselves. And it seemed like when they finally getting that chance, Harry decided to go against them.

"Come on, mate. You can't expect me to just go along with something like this," Harry replied incredulously.

"I expected you not to break the promise we all made to stick together no matter what," Gil responded to which Harry was taken aback by.

"I'm not going to turn my back on her."

The son of Gatson scoffed, "That's so rich coming from someone that's turning their back on their crew."

It was rare for anyone to see this side of the normally kind-hearted and thickheaded boy. Most of the time, Gil was trying to keep up Uma and Harry. But there were limits to his kindness.

In times like these, Gil was right on track and could be dangerous. It was a hidden side to Gil that only ever showed itself if the crew was ever threatened. Since Uma won The Lost Revenge from Captain Hook and decided to form her own pirate crew, Gil's loyalty to the crew never once faltered. And if anyone dared attack the crew, he was fighting right alongside Harry and Uma to ensure that they would regret it.


"You know, I don't get you, Harry. I don't get why you're trying to be like this now when we are so close to getting the one thing we have always dreamed of."

"Because of how we're going to get there! This is going to push Helena over an edge that she might not be able to pull herself back from. And I'm not going to just use her like that."

"You had no problem with using King Ben to get wand."

"That was different. I don't give a crap about Beastie Boy but I do about Helena since she's my friend!"

"And what about us? Do we really mean nothing to you or does she mean more to you than the rest of us?"

Harry focused his attention on the ground, being caught off guard by the question. He then let out a sigh, making sure not to answer the question as he carefully chose his words. "Helena is one of the few good people on this island, and I won't part of something that could break her. I won't hurt her like that, not after everything she's does for all of us." Harry looked up at Gil and asked, "Are you willing to do that to her? I thought she was your friend too."

"Uma's waiting for you inside the shop," Gil informed him, hastily turning around with and walking away without another word.

Harry sighed before walking out of his room, storming through the ship with a single destination in mind. He pushed opened the doors of Ursula's Fish & Chips, the chatter inside coming a stop when they saw the son of Captain Hook. Uma, who sitting at the main table with Gil, looked up as well when she saw Harry walk in.

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