Chapter 20

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A.N: Just so you guys know, I have changed my pen name from 'TyGuyFlyGuy' to 'TyGuy45'. Just in case you didn't already notice. And a forewarning that this chapter may not be as interesting as the others. Sorry in advance.

Artemis POV:

We appeared in the throne room and I quickly took out my bow, launching a silver arrow into the air to signal a council meeting. We needed to tell them of our findings as soon as possible.

Almost instantly the gods were assembled and in their thrones. Most of them were looking around wildly, before their eyes caught our figures standing in the middle of the throne room. They all gasped in amazement and disbelief. Suddenly, a male voice rang out through the silence.

"Percy?" Poseidon asked with tears in his eyes. This was the closest I had ever seen the sea god to crying.

Beside me, Percy said,"Yes, dad, it's me. We're back." He had a wide smile on his face, which I daresay made him look even more handsome than he already was. What? I'm bonded to him, so I can think whatever I want about him. It still felt a little weird to complement a male's physical features though. After so long of not even acknowledging a single man, it was unnatural to me.

Poseidon had an equally large smile on his own face, and before I knew it, he had jumped off his throne and dashed towards us, hugging Percy tightly. I could see tears running down both of their faces, but I could feel a flash of happiness and relief flowing through my body that wasn't my own. I realized that it must have been from our soul bond. The feeling warmed me down to my bones and it made my skin tingle.

All of a sudden, three more pairs of arms were wrapped around the father and son. I looked over and saw that Hestia, Athena, and Hera were piling on top of Percy in an attempt to crush him within their embraces. Athena had a wide grin on her face, while Hestia and Hera were crying even harder than Poseidon was.

Some of the other gods were looking at the hugging group with a tender look on their face, while others were full out crying. I knew that they didn't all particularly like the Hero of Olympus, but every single one of them had some level of respect for him and were all glad that he was back safely. Some of them glanced at me and gave me a small smile and a nod to welcome me back, but they were nowhere near the expressions on the faces when looking at Percy. There had never been so many tears in this throne room at one time.

"I'm so glad you're ok, Percy," Cried Hestia. Hera and Athena nodded in agreement, still latched onto poor Percy like their lives dependent on it.

"Mmphhh!" I heard Percy screech from the middle of the group hug. I chuckled a bit before trying to pry the others off him. I didn't want him to suffocate too soon. It was quite a long time before finally I manage to free Percy, who was gasping for breath.

After the four gods had calmed down, they walked back to their thrones and looked at us, obviously wondering what happened down in The Pit.

"Well, needless to say, we're all glad that you're back. It was getting rather quiet without Apollo and Artemis bickering over every little thing. As much as some of us would like to continue welcoming you home, I think we would all like to know hat happened down there. Artemis?" Asked my father. All the gods and goddess nodded along at his statement and they looked the most focused on anything I had ever seen them on anything before. I was surprised by the concerned tone of my father's voice. I had never known him to show that kind of emotion for anyone, not even his own wife or children.

I told them of everything that had happened since we had willingly jumped into Tartarus. Percy chimed in every couple sentences to "embelish" my story as he claimed later, although it think it was just him trying to make his own deeds seem more impressive. Surprisingly, this didn't annoy me as much as it amused me.

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