Chapter 12

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Artemis POV:

The moment I awoke the next morning, I was us and running towards Perseus' room. I needed to get him to Olympus to discuss my dream last night. That mystery man was definitely somebody who was extremely powerful and would most likely have the power to destroy Olympus.

I sharply rapped my knuckles on the door. After a minute he didn't respond so I slammed my fist against the door as hard as I could. I heard a startled yell coming from inside and the door suddenly swung open. Perseus stood there in his pajamas glaring at me with a pissed look.

"What Artemis? I was trying to sleep when someone came banging on the door," He growled accusingly at me.

"Now is not the time Perseus. Change and get Ashley as quickly as you can. We are going to Olympus."

He sensed the urgency in my voice and his eyes widened. He nodded and rushed off to get changed. I sat out in the common room and waited for him to get ready. A couple minutes later, he came in with messy hair and a tired looking Ashley in his arms. I rushed over to him and flashed us to the throne room. I called another meeting and the gods all flashed into their thrones within seconds.

"Is there a reason why you have called yet another meeting with such urgency, Daughter?" Zeus asked a little irritated that he had to get up so early. Most of the gods were extremely lazy and didn't get out of bed till very late in the day. They were gods after all and even though they had duties, there was nobody telling them what to do.

"Yes father. Last night I was called into a dream by a man covered in shadows," I said, catching everybody's attention," I do not know exactly who he was, but I know that he was very powerful. He said that he was there to warn me. We have 2 months of peace and then he will attack Olympus. I have no doubt that if we do not find a way to defend ourselves, we will be decimated."

The gods paled at this information and they sat up straighter in their thrones at the urgent matter. Everybody started to look a little nervous, even Zeus who never got nervous about a potential enemy. He was too cocky and arrogant to believe that anybody would be able to undermine his position of king and if something was getting even him nervous, then it was a terrible revelation indeed.

Athena as always, looked like she was thinking about something.

"Sister, can you describe what he looked like to us? I might have an idea of who this could be, but I pray that it is not, for if it is, then it would almost certainly mean the end of us all."

"I could not see his figure very well, but it was like he did not have a physical body. His form was like a manifestation of evil and seemed to be made of shadow. His eyes were the most disturbing part. They looked like a bottomless pit that pulled all light from around it and suck it in."

With each word, Athena's face turned whiter and whiter.

"There is no way, he could be alive is there? He was thought to be faded many millennia ago," She muttered under her breath. At this, the gods seemed to become even more apprehensive, shifting in their seats.

"Would you care to explain who this 'He' is Athena?" Zeus asked uneasily.

"Over an eon ago, a being more powerful than anything was born from the maker. His name was Apollyon. Nobody knows how he came into existence. He is known as the Angel of the Abyss and was born to destroy and kill. He so powerful that the Primordial Council voted him banished to make sure that he would never endanger the universe in his lifetime. It took the might of every single Primordial, Titan, and God to bring him into submission and trap him in the Void for eternity. He managed to not only kill, but fade ninety percent of the immortals that fought against him. Most have forgotten him in history, but I can assure you that he is real. If he has not faded and has somehow managed to escape his prison, then there is almost no way that we can survive an attack from him," She explained.

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