Chapter 11

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Artemis POV:

The next morning, I found myself tucked into the folds of my blanket. I looked at the alarm clock beside my bed and quickly bolted inot the bathroom to get ready. It was already very late and I still wanted take Percy to Olympus after the attack. That stupid boy Nico would cause a huge disruption on the Council. Wait, did I just refer to him as Percy? His name is Perseus not Percy. If I call him Percy then it will seem like I'm becoming soft of him, which I am most definitely not.

Speaking of Perseus, my cheeks lit aflame as I remembered last night's event. I can't believe I walked in on him without a shirt on. His body did look kind of good though. So muscu- WHOA! Bad thoughts! Get them out of your head, I mentally berated myself. I shook my head to clear those terrible thoughts and finished preparing for the day.

I walked out into the kitchen and was surprised to see Perseus already there with Ashley. They were laughing at something he had said while eating some sort of blue pancake thing. Perseus noticed me and got up to greet me. I didn't notice that his cheeks turned a little rosy

"Good morning, Lady Artemis. Would you like some pancakes for breakfast. I made them myself," He greeted gesturing to the blue slabs of batter. I frown, Why did he call me Lady Artemis. He normally just calls me Artemis. I pushed the thoughts away thinking nothing of it.

"Why are they blue? Last time I checked, pancakes are not supposed be blue," I asked incredulously.

"Well, my mom taught me how to make them and we always used to cook breakfast together all the time. It just brings back good memories," He explained, smiling a little self-consciously.

I just shook my head at his silly antics and sat down in the chair to his right. I put one of the blue things on my plate and took a hesitant bite. My eyes widened as the flavors exploded in my mouth and melted into my taste buds. This was the best pancake I had ever eaten. I scrambled to pile as many as I could fit onto my plate.

"I take it you like them then?" Perseus smirked.

"No they taste terrible. I'm just really hungry and I would eat anything at the moment even if it tastes terrible," I quickly replied to cover myself up. Perseus looked at me skeptically and then broke into a grin.

I finished my bite and said,"I think we are going to Olympus today. I am a little worried about that little attack from your friend. I'm not sure what this could signify and this might be a sign of a threat rising against us."

He slowly nodded, remembering the words that Nico had spoke before he had sunk into the earth. Worrisome indeed. When the three of us finished our breakfast, I grabbed both of their shoulders and flashed them into the throne room. I walked to my throne and pulled out my bow, shooting a silver arrow into the sky to call for a meeting. Within seconds, all of the Olympians had flashed into their thrones and were looking at me questioningly.

"Why have you called a meeting my daughter?" Zeus asked.

"Yesterday, Perseud was attacked by a mysterious man in a cloak. Perseus was almost overwhelmed by him, but I managed to get there in time to save him. I fired a bolt at him, but he seemed to become intangible and it passed right through him. Before he left, he said something about a master that was far more powerful than he was. The man was Nico."

The throne room went into an uproar. The gods were in a frenzy of arguing and shouting at me to explain further.

"My son would never betray Olympus!" shouted Hades.

"I'm sorry, Lord Hades, but I swear on the Styx that it was Nico that I saw," Perseus said sadly. Hades slumped into his throne and looked defeated. I knew that he was thinking how his favorite son had betrayed them for some unknown master.

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